Friday, August 10, 2012

FO Friday 99

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It's still insanely hot here, and I'm just about melting. Thanks for the interested in seeing the new tattoo! I'll post pictures once it's healed. It was getting  a little infected, but now that I'm on antibiotics, I'm feeling much better. This week hasn't been an easy one for me, and glad it's almost over.

In that time I haven't been able to do anything (since I could barely walk and can't drive as the tattoo is on my leg), but I have gotten a bit of knitting done, despite the heat and watched a LOT of the Olympics. I hope to have my featherweight cardigan done for FO Friday 100! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

This weekend should be fun, but hot. Not sure what's planned for Saturday (probably going somewhere with A/C), but on Sunday we're headed to San Diego roller derby with friends! My husband and I have been wanting to go for a few years now, and never got there. Can't wait!

What are you plans for this weekend? Anything fiber friendly?

Next week I hope to have an update to the Candy Skein shop! I'll keep you updated.

Share your FOs!


  1. No exciting plans for this weekend except maybe a trip to the Oakland Zoo. I've been to four yarn shops in the last two weeks and I've purchased something at each one...I think I'm done for awhile. I need to plow through some more of my WIPs and my Year of Projects list. And then maybe I'll get back to buying yarn :)

    Oh, and I love being number one :) It's great!

  2. fingers definitely crossed!

    hope you heal quickly!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new tattoo. Have a good time at the roller derby.
    I've got no special plans for the weekend. Just more olympics & fiber fun :)

  4. hope you heal up fast! can't wait to see it. it's a busy weekend for us, car wash fundraiser, my 6yr olds first haircut for school & swimming. maybe i can get some crochet time in there as well. :o)

    have a great weekend!

  5. Fingers are crossed that you finish the sweater! Can't wait to see the tat!

  6. We're having a Doctor Who Marathon. I'll have boys between the ages of 9 and 14 in my house for an all nighter. :D

  7. I have decided to join you guys! Thanks for hosting FO Fridays.

    Molly : )

  8. Oh wow, we're almost at 100 FO Fridays! :) I've only done about 7 though, haha... oops!

  9. Glad your tattoo is healing. Enjoy your weekend.