Friday, September 28, 2012

FO Friday 106

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!! I have to admit that it's 11:40pm and I just remembered that it will be Friday in about 20 minutes. Oops! It's been a crazy day today, as I visited with family for my mom's 60th birthday since they were in town, and also showed them the new house, etc. It was a great time and their love our the house made me love it even more.

Speaking of the new house, we might be closing escrow early! WOOHOO! That means we (hopefully) won't have to set up for the Vista Fiber Fiesta the same day we sign the paperwork, do the walk through and get the keys. I can't wait to move in and share pictures of my studio bungalow as we convert it into Candy Skein headquarters!

Due to being busy, I was only able to take this picture of my finished socks with my iPhone.  I know you've seen these a LOT, so I promise this is the last time! I just wanted to prove that they are actually both done!

Have a great weekend!

Share your FOs!


  1. They look good. I love the way they both match perfectly!

  2. I admire everyone who can knit socks, Such great patterns and yarns to knit them with. But, oh dear, I have a strong second-sock-syndrome ;)
    I like yours a lot!

  3. So cute! I'm in love with that pattern. They look so squishy in all the tasty yarny ways.

  4. Lovely socks & congrats on the possibly-new-house!

  5. Lovely green socks. I started casting on for a new pair of socks last night. I'm sharing some hats for the grandchildren today.

  6. Candy Skein Headquaters, how great is that! Congratulations and all the best.

  7. Those socks are lovely, the pattern and colour go so well together.

  8. Tami, I cannot tell you how much I love those socks! Is that Candy Skein yarn? Hope you enjoyed visiting with family, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys get to close on the house early! I can imagine setting up for the fiber fiesta will be stressful enough!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It is! It's Candy Skein Yummy fingering in March '12 colorway, Leprechaun Lollipop!

  9. Terrific socks! Ho'omaka'i on closing escrow!