Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday 117

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!! Today I'm going to do a duel post, and I hope you don't mind. Not only do I have a new WIP, it has to do with a new Candy Skein colorway, the November '12 Sock colorway, Pumpkin Pie. I figured it made sense to put these two posts into one.

First off, I want to hear what great things everyone is doing for Halloween! My husband will (hopefully) be coming home early so we can pass out candy and watch scary movies in our new house. We might have a few friends over, too, which is going to be a blast! We don't know what to expect as far as Trick or Treaters go so we bought a LOT of candy. Everyone in the neighborhood decked out their house with decorations so I hope we get a lot!

Before I show you my WIP, I have to show you the yarn! 

Thanksgiving in the US is one of my favorite times of year. By the end of November, it’s finally chilly where I live and family and friends find time to stop their busy schedules to spend the holiday together. As much as I love Thanksgiving dinner, to me it’s all about dessert. Each year, my husband and I make gluten free pumpkin pie from scratch (yes, we use real pie pumpkins AND make the crust from scratch) and I love making them as much as I love eating them.

That’s why I picked Pumpkin Pie as the November 2012 colorway! This awesome yarn is kettle dyed in three different layers of light beige, light copper brown and deep copper to give it a modeled look when knit/crocheted. It would be perfect for any project!

Colorway: Pumpkin Pie
Fiber content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon Superwash
Weight: Fingering Weight
Yardage: 465 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Machine wash/Tumble dry low
Price: $20
Available here now!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, I can show you what I started with the colorway!

I decided to do 2x2 ribbed socks, since I have a lot of other projects on the go. This needs no thought and is a great project to work on while I'm waiting for the yarn to dye during the day. I'm making the pair for my husband, but SHHHhhhh he doesn't know! I'm going to carry the ribbing down into the instep. Isn't the colorway pretty knitted up!!?? I'm loving the modeled look so far!

That's it for me today! Please have a fun AND safe Halloween tonight!

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  1. Oh I love the colour of the yarn its amazing! look forward to seeing your completed socks.

  2. That's such a pretty colourway. I can't decide if it's butterscotch or pumpkin. It might be a little of both. It knits up beautifully.

  3. Love the color!! (And I'm not normally a brown person!)
    I'm not a big Halloween person, but I hope you have fun handing out candy in your new neighborhood!

  4. I think that Pumpkin colorway is my most favorite yet ! :-)

  5. <3 Pumpkin Pie and how it looks being knitted up!
    This is a crazy day and the rest of the week for me. As soon as I get my girls home, we're havin' a snack and trick-or-treatin' early before it's get dark and rain is supposed to come at night. In my city, kids only go to certain areas now for candy; it's a bit sad as it's not like what it used to be.

  6. Love the color of the skein! Can't wait to see the socks finished.

  7. what recipe do you use for gf crust? I've been trying and trying to get one that isn't heavy and also isn't too biscuit-y, without a lot of luck.

    Love the colorway!

  8. Thanks for hosting once again! Great opportunity!

    TracyAnn from

  9. beautifil colour, I like it. I often use such colour for my crochet works. Tina

  10. Beautiful yarn!! They are going to be cheerful socks :)

  11. Orange is the best color for this time of year!

  12. I love this colorway! I hope you got lots of trick-or-treaters tonight!