Friday, November 19, 2010

FO Friday 10

Wowzers, we're already in double digits for FO Friday. I feel like we just started!

This time, I actually have my FO finished on time. YAY, me! Also a side note, I might not be able to finish an FO Friday project by next Friday due to being out of town for the holiday (Thanksgiving). Either way, I will be scheduling a post so those who would like to participate can post their FOs. Just a heads up. :)

Now on to FO Friday 10!

You may remember the start of my amigurumi dog, pattern by Lion Brand. Here are pictures of it in progress:

Not much, right? Now on to what he finished off like. I think he's adorable and I can't wait to give him to my mother in law. I decided to change it up a little, making the nose flat instead of a ball on the end like the pattern called for, and also changed the tail to make it more like her dog.

I'm calling it done right now, but I want to make it a little sweater out of fabric, as her dog, Otto, always had to wear a little sweatshirt because he could never get warm. I thought it would be fun to also get a little name tag for him, too.

Materials used:

4.00 mm (G) hook
Red Heart Super Saver (body- Coffee), nose- Black)
Yarn needle
9mm safety eyes
Poly Fluff stuffing

And the finished product (sorry for the bad pics but it's 10:30 at night):

Share your FOs!


  1. Your little dog is adorable, I love his little nose

  2. Gah! He's SO cute. I love his ears! Happy weekend. :)

  3. A sweater would be so cute!!!

  4. How cute is your mutt! I'm sure your MIL will adore him.

  5. Tami, Your mother-in-law is going to be so pleased! I think adding the sweater and name tag is a great idea.
    P.S. I accidently linked the wrong post the first time around. How does this work? Can you delete my first link? (The 2nd one is my FO Friday post. The first one is my contest.) Thanks!

  6. Oh wow, he is a cutie! I'm sure your MIL will love him :)

    And how organised are you, thinking about next week already! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. Halfpint, thank you. I love the nose too! I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out ok, but I like it much better than what the pattern called for.

    Paula, thank you! Have a great weekend, as well!

    Alea, thanks! I got this blue polyester fleece at Joann's in the remnants bin!

    Thanks, Craftycripple!

    Affiknitty, Thank you! I hope to find a name tag small enough for him that will still be big enough to fit his name. Luckily it was only 4 letters. I fixed it for you. Thanks for giving me the heads up. I'm able to delete links on the Mr. Linky site once logged in.

    elephantJuice, thank you! It's funny you mention about next week. Weirdly, as soon as WIPW and FO Friday is over, I'm already thinking about what to show for the following week. Friday is the big one since I have to get something completed for it!

  8. Seriously, that's cute! And it's a really nice gesture. I'd totally cry

  9. Aww the dachshund came out really cute! I'll have to bring my partially completed one to our next meetup. It's huge haha.

  10. Thanks, mutantsupermodel! Next up, I'm making her a corgi that looks like the other dog that passed away this year. They were both really old, and her babies. I hope I do them justice.

    Sharon (Ami Amour)!!! Thank you! I'll try and remember him on Tuesday so you can see how he turned out in person. These pics are pretty crappy.

  11. The dog is awesome! I'm sure it will be a much appreciated gift!

  12. what a cute little doggie! Good job!!

  13. I could get carried away with making little outfits for him, a Mackintosh for a rainy day, a hotdog bun for Halloween?

  14. Geknitics, OH MY GOD, I should make a hot dog bun! You are a genius!