Friday, August 31, 2012

FO Friday 102

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week has seemed like an eternity to me! On Wednesday it felt as if it should be Friday. I'm guessing it's because of the holiday weekend (Labor Day) this weekend, as well as having a bunch of stuff I had to do this week (like the horrid dentist). My husband is also working crunch hours, so it's a lot of time with me, myself and I. Now you probably know why I have another FO right after last week's!

Speaking of that FO, I actually finished them before you saw them (recently) on WIPW, so to remind you, here's a picture of me balancing on a tree stump VERY carefully while taking a picture of my own foot. I had my other foot on another part of the tree that hadn't been cut down.

Here's a picture of me completely balancing on the stump so that you can see there are actually two socks finished! This pattern is Horcrux Socks. I actually started them on May 15th, 2012, hence why they are knit in Candy Skein Monthly Sock May colorway, Candy Skein 1st Birthday. You may notice that one of the socks looks a little smaller than the other in the above picture...

That's why I keep showing you the right one, because it's the sock that actually fits the way it should. Well, that and I'm left handed/footed so I have better balance standing on my left leg. You see, I knit the first one (make that, the left one) as the pattern said for the heel turn/gusset/toe (the heel flap I changed, as the pattern calls for a stockinette stitch heel and I wanted to continue the ribbing down). I should have gone with my gut and knit the heel turn and gusset how I normally do. Unfortunately, it's a little tight. Wearable, but tight. Due to that fact, despite loving the way the right sock fits, I'll probably keep these in the drawer until all other pairs are dirty. They are pretty though!

And one last picture because I was having fun! These were taken in my back yard, which overlooks a public pond! I'm sure my neighbors now think I'm insane (if they didn't already) as I climbed all over the tree trying to get good angles while bending down and taking the pictures of my stocking feet.

And yes, the tattoo is all heeled now! YAY!

Materials used:

Candy Skein Yummy fingering in May '12 colorway, Candy Skein 1st Birthday

Size US 0 needles w/ 32" cable

Horcrux Socks

Darning needle

Notes: As mentioned, I knit the heel flap different from the pattern. I carried the ribbing down instead of doing straight stockinette. I also added 5 more rows of ribbing before starting the heel flap as these are pretty short socks. The first one, I followed the pattern for the heel turn and gusset, but for the second sock I just used my favorite method so that the sock would fit better.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I had a Candy Skein update yesterday, including the September '12 colorway reveal and a few new colorways!

That's it for me today! I hope you have a great (and safe) holiday weekend if you're in the States!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candy Skein Update!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a few updates I have to Candy Skein today! Not only did I add skeins of already existing Yummy fingering colorways, I've added new ones! Also, today I revealed the September '12 Sock colorway, Honey Crisp Apple.

The seasons are changing and Autumn is in the air. The leaves will start to fall and the apple orchards will be bursting with gorgeous red and green apples. That’s why I picked Honey Crisp Apple as the September 2012 colorway! This awesome yarn is kettle dyed with a pink red over a pale green undercoat and would be perfect for any Fall project! Available for purchase here!

Don't forget, there's only two more days left to purchase August's colorway, Strawberry Lemonade! Also available for purchase here!

As mentioned above, I've added a few new colorways to the permanent collection, dyed in Yummy fingering. To see all updated, see below!

 All can be purchased here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday 108

Hi everyone! As you read this (depending at what time you read it) I'm probably at the dentist...again. Bleh. I'm getting an old filling taken out and a new one to replace it. Not a fun way to spend your Wednesday morning, that's for sure!

I must say, you will all be impressed when I tell you about my knitting (maybe). Not only did I get good pictures of my Hitchhiker that I promised you, thanks to my husband. See!...

Remember the socks I said I was going to work on for my husband? I'm not. I think I'm going to frog them and start a different pair for him. I just don't like the pattern one bit. I love her others but this isn't doing it for me.

Instead I decided to finish a different pair of socks that was in my WIP pile. I would show them to you, but I can't because I FINISHED THEM!!! That's right, I'm going to have ANOTHER FO. Two Fridays in a row. I'll give you all time to comprehend that since it doesn't happen often for me.....



You back from the shock? Good.

Now to what I'm working on!  MORE SOCKS! As you can see, I'm trying to get things off my needles. I feel so weighed down right now. With Fall approaching, I have the urge to cast on anything and everything. I've promised myself I can't until I complete the projects I have started.

Remember these from March?

They're back! It's the Devil's Snare Socks. I started them in March using the March Candy Skein colorway, Leprechaun Lollipops. It's an easy pattern, but for some reason I can't remember it. I just finished the gusset tonight (I did the heel turn and gusset today, but then realized I dropped two YOs so I'm now un-knitting a few rows. Not very productive if you ask me. This is what I get for knitting this while at knitting group when I'm really hungry and tired.

Hopefully these will be done before I know it though, and I can move on to the next pair of socks that have been stuck on my needles forever.

What are you working on?

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Friday, August 24, 2012

FO Friday 101

Oh my gosh guys...I FINISHED SOMETHING! It feels like it's been forever since I could actually say that. Isn't it amazing how rewarding a FO is?! Unfortunately, it's still too hot to use a shawlette here (though it was a LOT cooler and overcast yesterday), but that won't stop me for long.

Despite only working on this for a few days total probably, it feels like I started it forever ago, due to not working on it during my cardigan (yes, the cardigan. I haven't finished that yet unfortunately).

It's ALMOST dry, but I don't want to pull it too early, so you get an off color blocking shot. Again, just like the Trillian, it practically doubled in size! I promise to take better pics with me wearing it this weekend when my husband can help out. :) This was taken in weird artificial lighting in my dining room with my iPhone. Colors are more accurate in previous pictures.

Materials used:

PatternHitchhiker shawl
Yarn: Candy Skein Yummy fingering in Rainbow Fruit Chews
Needles: US size 4

That's it for me today! I hope you all have a great weekend. :)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday 107

Hi everyone! I know I promised you something different today, but unfortunately I'm still working on the same two projects, as I'm writing this on Monday night. I won't have a chance to get to it Tuesday (when I normally write the blog) due to having a dentist appointment and then driving to LA and back to San Diego again all in one day. It's going to be tiring, let me tell you!

We had an amazing time at Tiki Oasis this weekend. It's always sad when it's over, and this year we had an exceptional time. The end of the tiki season is coming to a close here soon as the weather is starting to change (or I wish it would as it's still too darn hot here!).

Thanks to those of you who started to follow me on Instagram. I try to post as many Candy Skein/yarn pictures as I can, but you will also get a little sprinkling here and there of random pics I take in my daily life. I hope you don't mind!

Also thanks to you who commented on my tattoo Friday. I know some of you are hockey fans and figured you would enjoy it. I even had a few compliments on it this weekend and a guy took a picture of it to send to his buddy in Chicago who's a Blackhawks fan. It's now almost totally healed, the pain is gone, infection is gone and it's starting to feel like my leg again. YAY!

Back to knitting...

I put the Hitchhiker shawl down for the cardigan, as you know, but I got it back out this weekend and worked on it while listening to the live music (before the sun went down). I'm SOOO close to finishing it now, it's my goal to have it done this week instead of finishing the cardigan. I"ll be picking that back up once this is done. I really do love patterns that you just work until you run out of yarn. It takes the stress out of it all!

This is where a photo should be. Unfortunately, I waited to take the pictures until Tuesday evening after I drove home from LA. Today was a bad bad day, starting with the dentist (where I have to go back next week to get an old filling drilled out and replaced) and ending with a blown out tire on the freeway going 65 miles per hour. I'm okay, as is Milo, but didn't feel up to taking pictures as you can imagine, except the hitchhiker.

And the cardigan. It really doesn't look much different from the last time you saw a picture of it. The sleeve almost feels like it's getting shorter, not longer! What's up with that?? I can't believe I have to do another one. Sadly, there are a few areas that have ladders, as the yarn is so thin with larger needles and the stitches are so loose. I'm thinking that it will block out. I'm also trying to make the sleeve strips not jog, but it doesn't look as good as hoped. Luckily, that part will be under the arm and I think blocking will help this as well.

Again, sorry for no picture.

After I finish these two projects, I think I'm going to put out an oldie but a goodie. Remember how my knitting group (my in person knitting group) was doing a Harry Potter sock challenge? That sure has fallen by the wayside for all of us. I've made a few pairs, we've planned others but haven't cast on. I've kind of lost my sock knitting mojo and hope to get it back. I have so many pairs of socks started in different stages that I need to finish. First up, January's socks that I was making for my husband. The pattern is The Weasley Rib and I was using the Candy Skein November colorway, Harvest Sweets. I'm not sure why these fell out of favor on the knitting train (actually, I disliked knitting the pattern with all the purls now that I think about it). I'd love to finish them off for my husband's birthday (which is September 17th) but I don't think that will happen. Boys socks just take SO LONG to knit it seems. We'll see how much I can get done on them! Shhh, don't tell him.

That's it for me today

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Friday, August 17, 2012

FO Friday 100

Happy Friday! I'm so sad I don't have a FO for this week, as it's the 100th FO Friday. I tried my hardest to finish the cardigan and there was just no way. I've been knitting like a fiend and the past two days, I've had to drive back and forth from LA to drop of Milo at my parents. This weekend is Tiki Oasis in San Diego, a tiki convention we go to every year. Milo being at my parents will be awesome, as we don't have to worry about coming home to take care of him at certain times. I'm sure I'll be posting some pics this weekend on Instagram, so if you're interested, you can follow me at @candyskein.

Since I don't have a new project to share, I thought I would show a picture of my new tattoo. It's not finished healing yet (and I haven't been able to shave my leg at the area of the tattoo since) so I decided to share the picture of it right when it was finished.

As some of you know (if you've followed this blog for awhile), I'm a HUGE hockey fan and a gigantic Los Angeles Kings fan. In fact, I've been a Kings fan since I was 10 years old (I'll be 33 in October), and have waited for them to win the Stanley Cup since I started watching. They won this year, and I wanted to get a tattoo to honor the win.

Again, this is RIGHT after the artist finished the piece, hence the redness of my leg. Pretty awesome, right? I can't wait until it's fully healed. I think it will need a little touch up, but nothing major. As you can see, there is room under the 2012, to add 2013 when they win next year. ;)

That's it for me today! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday 106

Hi everyone! I hope you're week is going the way you want it to. So, I must say, I've learned a few things this week (or since last Wednesday).

1. Antibiotics are awesome and work pretty fast.
2. My knitting friends are like my family and take care of me when I need it.
3. Roller derby is awesome (well, I already knew that, but wanted to include it anyway).
4. MEN'S roller derby is very odd and also very rough/violent (seriously, who even knew there was men's roller derby?)
5. When it's been in the 90's for a week, even if it gets a little cooler outside, your house stays hot when you don't have A/C.
6. Never dye yarn when your house is already 85 degrees because it ends up 89 degrees and VERY humid.

and last but not least...

7. Knitting long sleeves on a feather weight cardigan with lace yarn takes a REALLY LONG TIME.

As you can see, I've had an interesting last few days. Most of my list is pretty self explanatory and if not, I really don't want to go into any more detail.

So let's bring it back to knitting and number seven. It's now Wednesday. Remember last week when I said that I would definitely have my feather weight cardigan done by this coming Friday, because ALL I HAD LEFT WAS SLEEVES (and to finish the edging)??? Again, #7, long sleeves for a feather weight take a LONG LONG time. Who knew? Seriously, I think it's going to take me longer to knit the two sleeves than it did the body of this stupid thing. It's maybe because the stripes are slowing me a down a little, and to be honest, I'm just a little tired of working on the same project. I normally bounce around (as you know), but this time I figured if I put the cardigan down, I wouldn't finish it. I've pretty much JUST worked on it. This is how much I have done:

That one sleeve sure is pretty, isn't it? ;) The sweater is being modeled on our new to us 1956 mid century modern end table! Fancy!

Now granted, I wasn't really feeling well for a few days and didn't knit very much. It's also been extremely hot (as I mentioned) and can't keep a hot alpaca/silk cardigan on my lap long without breaks (despite it being a feather weight lace cardigan). Still, I thought for SURE I would cruise through the first sleeve, and have a lot of the second sleeve done by now. As I write this, on Tuesday night, the FIRST sleeve is at my elbow. ::sigh:: I will say, I'm still trudging along and hope to have it done soon, I'm just not promising by Friday anymore.  We'll see. :)

That's it for me today! Next Wednesday I promise (actually, let's keep it at hope) to show you something different. I'm sure you're getting tired of seeing the same thing as I am knitting it!

What are you working on?

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Friday, August 10, 2012

FO Friday 99

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It's still insanely hot here, and I'm just about melting. Thanks for the interested in seeing the new tattoo! I'll post pictures once it's healed. It was getting  a little infected, but now that I'm on antibiotics, I'm feeling much better. This week hasn't been an easy one for me, and glad it's almost over.

In that time I haven't been able to do anything (since I could barely walk and can't drive as the tattoo is on my leg), but I have gotten a bit of knitting done, despite the heat and watched a LOT of the Olympics. I hope to have my featherweight cardigan done for FO Friday 100! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

This weekend should be fun, but hot. Not sure what's planned for Saturday (probably going somewhere with A/C), but on Sunday we're headed to San Diego roller derby with friends! My husband and I have been wanting to go for a few years now, and never got there. Can't wait!

What are you plans for this weekend? Anything fiber friendly?

Next week I hope to have an update to the Candy Skein shop! I'll keep you updated.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Work in Progress 105

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope you're all doing great. I'm doing okay, but man is it hot! I've been cooking on my couch and it's hard to get any work done. My house doesn't have air conditioning, which is okay about 355 days a year, but those extra 10 are killer. This week seems to be the one. It's supposed to get up to the high 90F by Saturday. Today it's around 90, but 85 in my downstairs as I type this. I'm almost nursing a new tattoo, which is being stubborn in the healing process due to the poor circulation in my legs (it's on the inside of my right calf). Let's hope it decides to heal soon!

You don't want to hear about that though, I'm sure. You're here for knitting/crocheting!!

 This is my sweater! Since this picture was taken, I cast off the body and have picked up the edging. I decided to do the edging before the sleeves so I can make sure I have enough yarn to do long sleeves. This is the part of cardigans I hate doing, so we'll see how fast I can power through it!

That's it for me. I hope you have a great rest of your week and I'll see you Friday!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

FO Friday 98

First off, thank you for understanding about Wednesday. I have to admit, I was so sad that I missed posting and even sadder when you guys pointed out that it was the two year mark. I decided today, despite it being FO Friday, I was going to cheat and share my WIP pictures. I hope you don't mind.

I have two projects active right now, but one I'm working on daily. I haven't shown you my Featherweight Cardigan yet, and I'm very excited to. This thing is flying off the needles.

I'm already past the point of where the pattern starts the ribbing for the bottom as far as inches go, but I want it a bit longer. I'm not a huge fan of short cardigans and my torso is the longest part of my frame. I truly love the stripes and can't wait to wear this! I'm making the 35.5 size, which fits perfect to pull over any kind of shirt. Depending on how much yarn I have left, I might do long sleeves instead of 3/4, but we'll see. I figured this project would be on my needles for MONTHS, but the way I'm going, I'll have it finished in August. I started it on July 20th.

 As mentioned, I have this active as well, but I haven't knit on it since I started the Featherweight in Wisconsin. I love how it's turning out, but don't want to pick it up now and lose momentum on the cardi. Once the Featherwegiht is done, I will continue on the Hitchhiker. :)

That's it for me on projects! Again, thanks for baring with my forgetfulness and letting me share my WIPs with you today.

In Candy Skein land, I just released the August '12 colorway, Strawberry Lemonade! You can purchase it here!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Candy Skein- August '12 colorway Strawberry Lemonade

August 2012 colorway- Strawberry Lemonade!

Available now through August 30th!

The dog days of summer are upon us as the heat wave seems to never end. All I want to do is sit by the pool in the shade with my knitting and sip an ice cold drink. That’s why I picked Strawberry Lemonade as the August 2012 colorway! This awesomely bright yarn would be perfect for a shawl, socks, hat, gloves and more!

Colorway: Strawberry Lemonade
Fiber content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon Superwash
Weight: Fingering Weight
Yardage: 465 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Machine wash/Tumble dry low
Price: $20


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday 104

Hi everyone! So sorry for the delay but I honestly forgot. This is my first time that I remember fully forgetting WIPW and I blame it on scheduling those for my trip way in advance so I haven't had to do it for awhile.

I'll try and get a picture up of my project soon. Thanks for understanding!