Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candy Skein Update!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a few updates I have to Candy Skein today! Not only did I add skeins of already existing Yummy fingering colorways, I've added new ones! Also, today I revealed the September '12 Sock colorway, Honey Crisp Apple.

The seasons are changing and Autumn is in the air. The leaves will start to fall and the apple orchards will be bursting with gorgeous red and green apples. That’s why I picked Honey Crisp Apple as the September 2012 colorway! This awesome yarn is kettle dyed with a pink red over a pale green undercoat and would be perfect for any Fall project! Available for purchase here!

Don't forget, there's only two more days left to purchase August's colorway, Strawberry Lemonade! Also available for purchase here!

As mentioned above, I've added a few new colorways to the permanent collection, dyed in Yummy fingering. To see all updated, see below!

 All can be purchased here!


  1. Love the colours, especially the new pale blue shown above. Alas, I need to use up my stash otherwise it will outlive me.

  2. Thank, Pauline! I love that one too. It's called Blueberry Peach Paradise. It has an undercoat of peach with the blue on top!