Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesdasy 163

Hi everyone. Happy hump day. I hope all is well. Thank you for all the awesome comments regarding Yarnbox. I'll have more posts about it coming soon (I really promise despite being a huge blog flake lately).

I have been in a knitting funk lately, which isn't good since I have to finish a sample shawl for my fiber show coming up the 12-13th of October. I just can't find my mojo and I'm sure breaking my needle last time I worked on it didn't help. I've been considering starting a fun whatever project that will fly off the needles like fingerless gloves or a hat, but then realize, if I spend all my time doing that, I REALLY won't have enough time to finish the shawl. Sigh.

Instead I've been having a GREAT time with the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Halloween Sampler. It's pretty much what I've been working on every night. Isn't it adorable so far? I've done the first three squares and then am working backward on the 2nd row because I don't want to move my Q snap frame until I have to. It will spell Halloween when it is finished. And yes, that IS a Halloween themed needle minder!

Speaking of Halloween, Friday I will be releasing the October '13 colorway of the month. I am SOOO excited for it, that I couldn't help myself. For a sneak peek, head over to my Instagram account (@candyskein). Not only did I post a glimpse (or two) of the new color, I'm also taking preorders that will ship Friday morning!

That's it for me today. Have a great rest of your week.

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  1. I've lost my whole crafting mojo!! Maybe it's the season? Although my seasons are different... Great you have your stitching still :-)

  2. Oh cross-stitch! That's great inspiration to see - haven't done much of that in ages. Can't wait to see yours finished, it looks fabulous.

  3. I love that little sampler! It's adorable!