Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday 198

Good morning everyone. I'm sorry to post this so late for you on Wednesday, but I was at Disneyland yesterday for a friend's 40th birthday and didn't get a chance to type it up. I hope you're all doing great. I'm doing pretty good! My hockey team that I live and breathe is one win away from the Stanley Cup, I was just at Disneyland, my husband is done with insane overtime (for the time being) and tonight I'm headed to LA. Not too shabby!

I've decided to get a jump on Christmas gift this year, and to begin with I decided to make my brother in law a Sockhead. Okay, okay, maybe it was just another excuse to start another one. Anyway, I'm using Candy Skein Savory in colorway Oyster this time and I LOVE how it's turning out. Since he has a bigger head than I do, I'm using 144 sts. Isn't it so so pretty? I sure hope it fits!

And while I was at it, I started this gorgeous shawl/stole/scarf for my mother in law for Christmas. I'm using Candy Skein Savory in Oatmeal Cookie and Plum. The pattern is called Diffraction Shawl. It's a gorgeous pattern and weirdly addicting despite it being a boring knit. You cast on a LOT of stitches using Judy's Magic Cast On, and weirdly, when I KtBL for the second needle on the first row, my stitches ended up twisted. I'm not sure how I cast on without twisting them. Very bizarre. I'm hoping it will block out and not be as noticeable. I wish you could see this thing in person. The Plum is amazing. I'll try and get a better picture of it next week. It's now close to 500 sts! Yikes! HA!

That's it for me today. I hope you have a great rest of your week. GO KINGS!

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  1. Your projects look great Tami!

  2. Ack, christmas already?! That's probably a great idea but I just can't think that far ahead, I feel like I just finished xmas knitting!

  3. Love the two colors together in the diffraction shawl. That's another pattern I'd like to try out some day when I have time. You need to stop making me want to knit I can't believe how many sockheads you have made in such a short time. Way to go on gettting a head start on the Christmas knitting.

  4. Love the sockhead hat; you're tempting me to try it!

    Sorry for the double entry, I clicked too fast. Please delete the first one if you can. (Entry 34)