Monday, September 27, 2010

Flash Your Stash! An Ongoing Meme (Part 2)

Since I've bought a ton of yarn in the past month, I decided to update my Flash Your Stash post. I have yet to link it to the sidebar (which I will do at some point soon!), so it's good to dig out the old post for those to join along. This post includes the same Mr. Linky as before. If you joined in the first time, feel free to add a new link to new pictures of your stash if you'd like. I want to keep it ongoing so we can see how the stashes grow (or in some cases, shrink).

For my first FYS post, please click here.

Since I posted those, I've bought so much yarn, I had to graduate to two yarn holders. I still use the Ikea crate, but now also have a Tupperware sweater bin. I will say, I'm not very proud of how much yarn I've bought over the past month (okay, who am I fooling, of COURSE I'm proud!), but it's all so pretty, I can't resist it. I am happy to admit, most of it was bought on clearance or with coupons (thanks to Labor Day sales, and Joann's/Michaels great weekly coupons). It's so tricky how they give you a coupon for the next week, and who can go and only buy one skein of yarn??

An eagle eye view (Look, a kitty!)

A close-up of the bottom left section which includes a few Red Heart SS, Red Heart Eco, Loops and Threads Impeccable, Hobby Lobby 'I Love This Yarn', Vanna's Choice and a few small balls of Queensland and Debbie Bliss

This bunch is the bottom right corner of the overview picture. Again, more RH SS (multi and solid), Red Heart Tweed, TLC Essentials Sugar and Creme and a HUGE skein of Bernat Cotton.

This pic is of the middle section from the overview. Again, the HL, RH and then you will see some Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Caron Simply Soft, some Alpaca (I can't remember the brand) and small skeins of the Fun Yarn by Lion Brand.

This is the top left. RH SS and the Lion Brand Fun Yarn (which is great for small amigurumi) and a better pic of my RH Multi

Look at all of that Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. Yikes! I hope soon it is out of my stash and into my afghan! Good think I like working with it!

A few skeins of Red Heart Designer Sport (Is this getting discontinued? I can't find it anywhere) and RH Soft. Also, a not so happy closeup of the kitty (who's name is Cosmo).

I would love to see how your yarn stash has grown! Share updated pics, or join in for the first time!


  1. LOL, that's awesome! Love that kitty. It would take me at least an hour to get out all my (well-stashed) stash, take a pic, and then put it away. So I will just be enjoying yours.

    : D

  2. I think the designer sport is getting discontinued. I bought a BUNCH on sale early this year, so I'm set for awhile....

  3. Gracey is not my name- Oh sad, I sort of enjoyed RH Designer Sport!

  4. Pentalia, no problem! I'd love to even see it all stashed away! LOL

    As do I! Now I feel like I have to go in search for it! I actually really liked it. Not sure why they would discontinue it. It's so much better than their regular Sport.

  5. That's a serious amount of yarn! Mine is beginning to pop out of its containers. Your Cosmo looks a lot like my Sophie.

  6. Suravi, HA! I feel like my stash is kinda small. Have you seen some of the FYS posts on the yarn forum on Ravelry? It's insanity!

    Dina, sadly, I had to add a container and am still popping out of it (that sounds weird. LOL). I hope next month when I update FYS, it will be SMALLER, not bigger! I've come to realize a lot of cats look like Cosmo! My other kitty, Roxy, is a little more unique looking...I think.

  7. Oh my gosh, I am so stinkin jealous!! *insert pouty face** haha.. Just kidding, I am a little jealous though.. lol..

    I just started so hopefully I can get some yarn built up. It seems like every time I buy yarn I always have to start making something right away with it..

  8. I decided to enter my stash... Just put the link up! =)

  9. Trisha, trust me, your stash will grow before your eyes! When I first started I only have a few skeins and 10 months later, look at me now! LOL

  10. I'll have to pull mine all out and take a pic - eek. I'm embarrassed at the amount I've collected!

    I love that tweed-looking yarn - four away from the cat :)

  11. Tami, do you think next week you could state that you need to post your actual link to your stash and not just your blog address?? The ones from last week are so far back on a couple of the blogs that I stopped looking.. lol..

    If not, that is totally fine, just a suggestion. =)

  12. SweetPotato, LOL, 4 away from the cat! That's actually the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool I'm making my brown/earth toned afghan with. If you look at my afghan, it's the first square.

    Trisha, good idea! Yeah, I'm only doing FYS every month, so the first time around, a few posted to their blog and not their link to the post. I'll be sure to do that next month!