Friday, September 24, 2010

FO Friday 2

It's great to see how much WIPW has grown in the past 7 weeks, and I hope to have FO Friday follow in its footsteps. I know that you may not have a FO each Friday, but be sure to share when you do! Some weeks, I may not have one, but will always have FO Friday up for others to participate.

This week, I'm lucky to have a FO finished! You may remember the beginning of a cupcake I was commissioned to do that I shared on this week's WIPW. On Tuesday evening it was just a little round circle, but look at it now!

He's all grown up (or maybe she?) and ready to be shipped to Phoenix. I will say, I originally started out thinking it would be a three tiered cupcake, but after doing the first two tiers and the start of the third, I loved it so much. I sent a picture off and sure enough, she loved it too! We decided it didn't need a face and just stuck with a more "traditional" cupcake. I really like the way this came out and wish I had written down the pattern as I was working. Maybe I'll try and make another one to see if I can figure out exactly what I did.

Materials used:

5.00 mm (H) hook
Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn (Frosting- Ivory), Red Heart Super Saver (Cake bottom- Coffee), Loops & Threads Impeccable (Frosting- Soft Rose)
Yarn needle
Poly Fluff stuffing

I worked on it from September 21st-23rd.

Just like WIPW, please use the Mr. Linky to share your FO Friday post.


  1. Love the cupcake! That is too cute!!

  2. Cute cupcake! The "I Love This Cotton" has become my favorite cotton yarn to use. So much softer then others.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Kathy, I have yet to use the cotton but the acrylic is heavenly for a cheap acrylic yarn! I always feel dumb saying I love "I Love This Yarn" but I really do! LOL I'll have to try the cotton!

  4. awwwww!!!! My birthday is in November.. ;-) lol