Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 39

Before I forget, I'm going to add this to the top of this post. If you are participating in WIPW, please make sure to use the link to your WIPW from this week, and not the main page of your blog/website or the link that Mister Linky saved from last week. Thank you!

I hope everyone is having a great week. We're having beautiful weather (in the 80sF range) and it's perfect since I've had to dye a lot of yarn recently. It helps them dry faster than normal. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be sharing a table with Sharon (my friend and owner of Ami Amour) at the Queen Bee Market this weekend, so am trying to get as much yarn dyed as possible. I also need to tag them, label, etc. So I ask you, please count all of this work as one of my WIPs. LOL

Now on to the good stuff...

This is an epic week. Not only did I opened my online hand dyed yarn shop, Candy Skein, it was also my dog Milo's 2nd birthday yesterday. Another thing to make it epic (well, other than catching OBL), I AM KNITTING MY FIRST SOCK. That's right, the whole reason I originally wanted to learn to knit, socks. I can't tell you how excited I am. Seriously. Not only am I knitting my first sock, I'm doing a pretty good job at it (or at least at this point). I don't really want to toot my own horn, but doesn't it fit perfectly so far?

Even more awesome? I'm not really using a pattern. I started out looking at this pattern, but I just got confused. I then watched the sock knitting videos by Knit Picks. Let me tell you, without these, I'd be totally lost on the heel flap/heel turn/gusset. I sort of just started winging the pattern to fit my foot (I have a really long skinny foot) and didn't want really tall socks since summer is practically upon us. I must say, that little heel turn is pretty damn magical. Question though, the heel seems a little pointy. Is it supposed to?

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I mean, seriously, isn't an epic 3/4 sock enough? ;)

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  1. I've linked myself - it's my first WIPW post ever! Hope I did it right ;)

  2. Awesome looking sock! I'm very impressed. Knitting socks scares me!

  3. I am also impressed by the sock - it's something I haven't attempted yet!!!! :)

  4. I'm very impressed by the sock, it's looking fab! I couldn't believe it was your first time, you look like a pro! ;)

    I hope everything goes well this weekend, I've already looked at your new shop and have seen waaaaaaaaay to many things that I want.

  5. An epic sock IS enough. And it looks lovely. :) Socks to me are this mythical thing that I can't conceive of ever making, so I'm damned impressed. :)

  6. Love your sock! I blogged about my first pair too. Of course, you're a wee bit further along than I am.

  7. Your sock is coming along wonderfully. They really are easy to knit and great fun.
    Congratulations on your new shop!
    Happy Birthday to Milo!

  8. OBL? That's a TLA that IDK. Also, YAY SOCK! All that's left now are the easy parts. Isn't it cool? I <3 socks. I totally don't know how to magic loop, though. Awesome job!

  9. Your socks look great. Don't worry about the pointy heel as long as they fit well. It's only when socks start feeling uncomfortable that there is a major problem.

  10. Love the sock - its great when you finally go past the heel and are on the home straight!

    I need some help crafters with my blog. I always post my WIPW on the home page and I'm not sure how to create a new post each week in its own separate section!! I've copied and pasted each of my WIPW's into a sub page but dont know how to create a post in that sub page - am I making any sense.

  11. Wow, first sock! So excited for you! And it is totally amazing that you are knitting them without a pattern. It is looking awesome so far. Your knitting has come a long way in such a short time.

  12. I'll comment on everyone when I get home tonight, but I just wanted to help Clare out right now. Clare, I'll fix the link for you today, but all you have to do is click the post title of your post and it will pull up just that one post. Then use that link in the Mister Linky. :) Hope that helps. If you have any more questions, let me know.

  13. Your socks are looking great. You will probably continue to try lots of different styles of heel, toe and cuff until you find the one you prefer and suits your body the best. I'm sure the pointy heel (not that I see it) will be sorted when you have worn the sock for more than a trying on session.

  14. I am so impressed with your sock! My first socks have been doing some serious time out for months now. I finally learned magic loop last week. Maybe I should give that a try.
    Congrats on the shop. All the beautiful colours (and yummy names) make me drool.

  15. Wow, thats looking great! And the heel looks fine to me - though I'm no expert on socks. I'm so happy you've started on a project that symbolizes why you got into knitting!

  16. The sock looks great!!!! It took me weeks to finish my first one. And I was slave to a pattern. You're doing fantastically! I say toot your horn all you like. You deserve to! :)

  17. Heel turns are amazing, aren't they?

  18. The sock looks awesome! And I agree that I wouldn't worry about the "pointy" heel. A) it looks fine, and B) it's just incentive to try lots of different heels (and toes, they tend to be even pointier) until you figure out which ones you like making and fit your feet well.

  19. Sock knitting makes me feel like a genius every time. Look how far you've traveled from the potholder and dishcloth things you were knitting when WIP Wednesday started! And congratulations on Candy Skein, I wish you every success and lots of fun with this new endeavor.

  20. woah the sock is great! I love your yarns- best of luck with the shop!

  21. Great progress on your first sock. I'm impressed!! Good luck with your new shop.

    I have great news on my blog. He should be coming home next week!!!!

  22. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!!!


    I love your sock. I have sock yarn that your sock reminds me of. But I want to crochet socks. Because I'm very mad at knitting right now. Superbly so.

  23. You are doing so well yay!

    P.S. I got Amigurumi Toy Box in the mail today!

  24. Pinkundine, thanks for participating!

    Tink, thank you! I was totally scared too, but the Knit Picks videos make it easy because they fully break it down.

    Sarah, you should try it! It's not really too hard if you follow the videos closely. What first confused was trying to read the pattern and understanding it, but I'm a very visual person.

    Charlotte, thank you on both accounts! Please, don't resist the yarn! ;)

    Unforth, you should try it! It is magical but not very hard.

    WonderWhyGal, can't wait to see your first sock! I'll be checking the links in a few minutes. :)

    Karen, thank you on all accounts.

    Halfpint & Delusional Knitter, thank you!

    Paula, omg, you need to learn the magic loop. It's amazing and easy and you don't have all the little points poking you all the time. ;) OBL=Osama Bin Laden. LOL

    Keri, you know, I wrote the post before I did a serious try on since knitting the heel. It looks super pointy off my foot, but on it fits great!

    Clare, you're welcome on the help and thank you for the nice comments.

    autumngeisha, thanks! I'm pretty impressed with myself. I've only been knitting for 7 months, so not too bad. I'm really comfortable with it now.

    Craftycripple, my next one I think I'm going to do ribbing down to the the heel flap. I am also going to try that other popular heel flap (forget what it's called right now). These just seemed the easiest for my first pair, but I can't wait to start another.

    Nikki, thank you! You should try magic loop for socks. It's SO easy to keep track of everything that way because it's just all divided in half.

  25. Kathleen, you know, once I got the hang of knitting, I actually like it better than crochet. It just seems more hypnotic. LOL I feel like I'm accomplishing more for some reason. Though, I still love crochet. :)

    Chemicalika, thanks! I've been waiting a long time to start socks. I built it up to be this impossible thing but it really isn't. The heel ended up fitting great on, but off it looks crazy pointy for some reason.

    Contessa, thank you! I think I'm determined to finish this one quickly to start on the second one before I get second sock syndrome.

    Vanessa, they are amazing! They seem so hard and I still don't even really know how it works. LOL

    Aleda, thanks! Luckily, the heel isn't as pointy on as it is off. We'll see how the toes go. I have long skinny ones, so I'm a little nervous about when to start the decrease. LOL

    Marushka, thank you so much for the kind words. Crazy that I started knitting in November, isn't it? I will admit, I still like knitting dishcloths. LOL

    J.R., thank you!

    Denise, YAY! I am SOOOO happy for you. I still have your care package sitting upstairs. I promise you to send it out soon. I've been a little crazy with the shop opening.

    mutantsupermodel, you know, I tried crocheting a sock before I learned knitting and man, it seemed harder than knitting one! It came out HUGE! I really like this yarn actually. I got it at Tuesday Mornings!

    Alea, thank you! And, yes, I am jealous of you getting that book. You know how much I love her designs.

  26. I've found SSS is not inevitable, particularly if the first sock came out well. In my case, I've had SSS when the first sock doesn't "deserve" to have its mate, as in the ugliest sock on the planet that I recently finished. . . My hope is you have no reason to fall prey to Second Sock Syndrome. :)

  27. Contessa, thank you! I do hope you're right. SSS has been creeping into my mind, especially since I do plan to start ANOTHER pair of socks tomorrow with my own hand dyed yarn because I thought it would be weird to be knitting at the craft fair with OTHER yarn. People would be like "oh, did you dye that?" And I'd be like, "umm, no, no I didn't". Just odd, right? Anyway, let's hope I knit 3 socks in my near future so I have two pairs. LOL

  28. those socks look amazing!! love the yarn colour way :)...really have to over come my fear of knitting socks lol

  29. That is a wonderful looking first sock - great job! And good luck with your shop!