Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 40

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm watching my nieces again today, so won't be able to comment on all of the WIPW submissions until later in the day. I hope you are having a great week. After my long post yesterday, I don't have a ton to say, so I'll keep it short today.

Remember the ripple blanket I'm working on? Well, I figured I wouldn't show you the normal pic of it because it looks the same but bigger. I thought instead, you'd enjoy this picture. For those of you who follow my Twitter, you saw me post it on Monday night. One of my cats Roxy was caught red handed as I woke her up from laying on the blanket. See that brown piece of yarn? Yep, it's in her mouth, stuck under her lip. She fell asleep sucking on it and woke up and didn't realize it was still in her mouth.

Now, you're probably saying to yourself, wasn't her sock pink, white, green, black and purple and didn't it stripe a little? Why yes, yes it did. You are probably thinking of this sock. I finished the first sock, but didn't want to share it today because I plan to cheat. See, I'm going to use the 1st completed sock as a FO this week for Friday because I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I must admit, as dumb as this makes me, I was wearing it the other night after I finished it, along with a different sock on the other foot, just because I wanted to bask in its glory. This new sock was started for a few reasons.

Reason #1 (which is the main reason): I thought it would be weird to be sitting at the craft fair selling my own yarn but using a different brand. If anyone were to ask (and they did ask what I was knitting), I could tell them it was one of MY yarns. Makes sense, right?

Reason #2: I'm a little afraid to start the 2nd sock. You see, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, that I could really start another sock that looks like a sock (or a sock cuff in this instance). Why did I not just prove I could make another using the other yarn so that I could then start on the pair? Well, I didn't want any problems I had taint it. Crazy, I know. The only problem I have now is that I need to finish this ribbing (which I'm going to go down to the heel flap with, again, I'm winging it) before starting on the 2nd sock of the other pair because I've been doing the ribbing one needle size smaller and I only have this one needle. Not that I mind.

You may remember the yarn I'm using for it as this skein. I originally called it Black Magic, but have since changed the name to Blackberry. In fact, I thought this skein was so pretty, not only did I keep it for myself and start on a project right away, I also dyed my last skein of un-dyed fingering in black as well. The skein is still drying, but once it's ready, it will be up on the Candy Skein website. I will say, the one drying is much more even in color and a lot darker. It's almost a purpley black. Very very pretty. :) Don't you love the way it's knitting up?

Okay, I said this would be short, but it turned out to be rather wordy. I apologize for that!

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  1. I really like the new sock yarn. That is beautiful knit up.

  2. Cute cat and the cuff looks great. Looking forward to seeing your sock on FO Friday

  3. love the colour!!! and that kitty is to cute for words!

  4. Hooray! You know soon as I finish my first sock I'll be wearing it before it's mate is finished too.

    Rock on, sock knitter!

  5. I just LOVE your sock knitting justification - it made me chuckle!!!

  6. Too funny, wearing just 1 to admire it. I've done that too.

    I love the new patterning and color of the dark sock.

  7. Aw, your kitty makes me giggle. I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished sock on Friday :D

  8. Love the Blackberry and they way it knits up. On your website soon you say.......

  9. Roxy is too cute!! You're sock yarn is beautiful - can't wait to see it done!

  10. Cute kitty! Love that colorway on the sock, its coming out really nice!

  11. I would not be happy with kitty, probably would put the blanket in a zip bag when not working on it to keep the cat away from it, hairs off it, etc.

    Glad the sock worked out and agree with your logic about your yarn for the show etc.

    Have fun

  12. Visited all 17, oops 16 can't count myself people on the linky. Have to say I really really wish people would nix those dang capcha things, what a pain and time consuming thing they are when trying to make blog rounds. Kinda silly when so many are approving their comments even after that.

  13. I've just realised I forgot to update my link so it's forwarding people to my WIPW from two weeks ago! Huge apologies

    Here's the most recent WIPW post from me

  14. Cats are so adorable when they want to be. I haven't caught my cat sleeping on my blanket yet, but I am sure she does. And the yarn looks really pretty. I love the color blue.

  15. Cute kitty! There is no way I could be angry about the yarn.

  16. Wow WIPW is getting HUGE! Go you and your sock amazingness. One of the projects I have for "downtime" if that ever happens is crocheted socks!

  17. Cute kitty, yarn and all! And kind of frightening that I totally follow your sock knitting logic (though really not so surprising)... Good luck with this pair. They're addicting, aren't they?

  18. Poor kitty. I'm sure she didn't mean too. LOL!!!

    I love Blackberry and I love how adventurous you are with your first pair of socks.

    A sock project is definitely something I'm going to try this year.

  19. You kitty is sooo cute! And obviously she has good taste too ; )
    I LOVE your blackberry yarn. It looks even better knitted up. Those are going to be gorgeous socks!

  20. I'm loving the yarn. Blackberry is absolutely the perfect name for it.

  21. Ahaha, busted!!! When I leave yarn at my BFs I usually wake up to the same result. Thank goodness they are cute!

  22. My cat, Ashley, has a thing about sucking on a faux fur throw that is usually on the sofa. We call it the "tittie blanket" or the "blanket of a thousand nipples". Needless to say, it spends a lot of time in the washer! Love the black yarn, that is going to be a very pretty sock.

  23. That wool is beautiful. For a moment, I thought you were crocheting the sock and got super excited about the ribs you'd achieved. One more reason for me to learn knitting right there. I always get envious of knitted socks. Good job so far.

  24. In the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet Cup group on ravelry, people often call the first finished sock the Dobby sock. You deserve to be proud of your new socks, as well as your beautifully dyed yarn. I think that knitting your own yarns at craft shows is the best kind of advertising, too.

  25. I've missed a few WIP Weds, and look how many people there are now! :-).

    I love the colour you dyed that yarn. And I suspect the sock success wasn't a fluke ;-). Also, what a bad pussycat, caught red handed!

  26. Those socks are going to be gorgeous - I love the color!

  27. Can I just say I have no clue how you do so much?! Consider me jeeeeaaaaalouuuuss!!! :)
    And I don't blame you at all for wanting to work with your own yarn at the show. It's brilliant -- and something I probably would have thought of doing myself in the same circumstance but only AFTER doing the show. (20/20 hindsight is my motto. . .)

    Your knitting looks fabulous (I love the colors!) and I can't WAIT to see how the other sock came out!
    I hope Roxy didn't do too much damage on that blanket. Boy does she look content with the yarn in her mouth. :p

  28. Thanks for hosting WIP Wednesday. I would rather wake an adorable cat like Roxy up after sleeping on my work than the 115lb dog that likes to lay on mine. A few cat hairs has GOT to be better than the hundreds of black hairs I pick out of my work!!! :) And that's a *really* great idea about starting a new sock using your own yarn... bloody genius in fact!

  29. Our Bootsie likes to carry ball of yarn around like they are her kittens. Then she gets all kitten like and suckles my yarn, housecoat or what ever else she finds interesting.

    Congrats on finishing your first sock. You have every right to bask in it's glory. Looking forward to seeing it on Friday.

  30. I want your cat!!! And the sock yarn is lush! I would like that too please!

  31. Chrissy, I must say, I LOVE your new name. How cute is that!!?? Thanks for the compliments on the yarn. :)

    Halfpint, thanks!

    Carole and Danielle, thank you!

    WonderWhyGal, how silly are we!? Too bad we didn't live close, we could trade of wearing each others to have a full pair. LOL

    Sarah, Dutch Hollow & Charlotte, thank you!

    Keri, yep! It's now dry. I may put it up tomorrow. Like I said, the new dye lot is less tonal, but still very pretty.

    witchyknits4ewe, thank you! Adorable name btw.

    Delusional Knitter, thank you!

    Sandy, I don't mind. She does hurt it, and it's just acrylic yarn that can be thrown in the washing machine. I actually plan to make her a small blanket if I have left overs because she loves it so much.

    Carole, don't worry. I fixed it for you in the Mister Linky.

  32. Panda Bear of Doom, thank you! She's adorable with this blanket. You can't get her off of it! I think she spent 2 hours straight last night kneading it.

    Karen, thank you. Yeah, it's hard to be mad at that cute face. Maybe if it was expensive yarn and she was eating it, but she was only sucking on the end that needs to be woven in. LOL

    Mutantsupermodel, you should totally crochet socks!!! And seriously, can you believe how big WIPW is getting!? It's crazy!

    Kathleen, thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has nerves about the second sock!

    Paula, SO addicting. I already have like 4 pairs lined up and then I just made my sister try on my one sock I finished to see if it fit her to make HER socks. LOL It's never ending. I may be knitting socks for months and nothing else!

    Neo.soul, thank you! To be honest, I kind of made the pattern up as I went because I couldn't figure out what the pattern was saying. LOL It really isn't as hard as it sounds.

    Nikki, thanks! Yeah, I love the way it's knitting up too! I didn't expect it to really look like this, but not sure what I expected. LOL

    JuleeQue, I have to admit, I can't take credit for the name. That's all my husband. LOL

    myhookandyarnadventure, tell me about it! I have two cats and a dog. Every day I think I say "good thing they're cute" multiple times.

    Dina, that's hilarious! For some reason, she has this weird attachment to this blanket. She usually likes anything I spend a lot of time with (or in, like my dirty clothes), but this has gone overboard with this blanket. It's like a magnet to metal.

    Abi, thank you. You should start knitting! I only learned in November and look how I've grown. You should look back at my November posts and my knitting (cringes). If you learn to knit, you'll never look back. :)

    Marushka, thank you! A Dobby sock is perfect. I don't know why I didn't think of that before, as I am a HUGE HP nerd.

    Susie, thank you and welcome back! We've missed your posts. :)

    Heather, thank you.

    Contessa, thank you! To be honest, I'm the kind of person that has to constantly be busy. If I put all my attention into something, I still have several things on the back burner swimming around in my head. As far as Roxy and the blanket, the piece in her mouth was just an end that needs to be weaved in, so no damage done. Luckily, the blanket is machine washable as well.

    Claire, thank you! I hear ya about the animals. I have a dog (a corgi, so not too big) and two cats. They do enough damage as is. LOL

    Denise, thank you! That's adorable that she carries the yarn around in her mouth!

    Another, well, unfortunately, the cat isn't for sale. MINE ALL MINE! ;) The yarn (in another dye lot) will be though!

  33. I have often caught my cat in the same position - only he doesn't try for the innocent facial expression like your Roxy.

  34. Sorry about the double post - I included the wrong link the first time and I wasn't sure how to remove it.

  35. Marie, isn't her facial expression priceless? I was trying to get her to look at me, but she wouldn't make eye contact. LOL Don't worry about the double post, I took care of it. :)

  36. Thanks Tami, I'm still getting used to this! Perhaps Roxy's lack of eye contact could be a sign of remorse?? :)