Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life as an Indie Dyer- My Week Part 3

Looking for Work in Progress Wednesday!? Just scroll down through this post. :)

Thanks again for the great comments regarding part one and part two of my posts! Sorry this is late, but I was crazy busy today and trying to find time to fit in this post. So let's get to it!

Wednesday: Wednesdays can be very different for me than last week's. Normally when I'm not preparing for a show, I watch my 2 1/2 and 7 1/2 year old nieces for my sister. It's a great way for me to make a little extra spending money, spend time with them and this is when I get most of my knitting done during the week. It's almost a day off, despite it being a LOT more stressful than being at home working. Normally when I watch them, I wake up, get myself and Milo (the dog comes with me) ready, check to make sure WIPW posted and head to my sister's house around 8, as I have to be at her house by 8:30. My youngest niece and I hang out, play while watching Disney Junior until I have to pick up my older niece from school at 12:15. Every Wednesday is a short day for her, weird, isn't it? I get most of the knitting time when it's just the little one and I, but if I'm lucky, I can knit if they want to watch a movie or play quietly throughout the day. I get home for the most part around 6:30pm, when I check what's going on online, check my shops and see if I need to take care of anything. My sister doesn't have internet, so when I get home is the only time I can take care of stuff like that, as well as hit as many Work in Progress Wednesday posts as possible. I used to be able to read all of them, but right now I'm lucky to hit around 10, so I choose them randomly so I can check out different blogs each week.

Since I'm getting ready for the show, I haven't watched them for the past few weeks, as losing a whole day is pretty impossible for me right now. Nothing much happened last Wednesday to be honest, except for reading WIPW posts while eating breakfast, re-skeining 10 skeins and dyeing 12. I didn't leave the house, focusing on work, as well as correspondences with another blogger regarding a possible review of Candy Skein yarn. I received a few more orders, but instead of running to the post office, I re-skeined the yarn and packed them for shipping, but waited to drop them off on Thursday. There's just some days that I can't bring myself to take a trip to the post office, you know?

Since the end of the month was near, I started checking my books (or excel sheet, I'm really not THAT fancy) against my Etsy and Artfire sales, as well as a few sales via email/Paypal/knitting groups. I got my receipts together to make sure that I had everything jotted down, so that my numbers were all correct for the month. I used to be less diligent about this, but after going through this year's tax season, I've learned to do it toward the end of each month. I also finish up the month before, since I don't wait until the end of the month. Normally, as soon as I get a sale, I put it down, so it's not too much work. It's more the small items I buy for the company that doesn't get put down right away. Tax season will hit me again come June 30th, as that's the next time I have to pay sales tax to California, so I'm trying to save work for myself in the long run.

As far as the sock pattern I was designing with Yavanna, she was off designing the sock based on our back and forth and awaiting the yarn I had sent her the day before. If I remember correctly, I finished work around 6:30, so that I could catch some hockey on TV and just relax a little. For some reason last week, my knitting mojo wasn't working, so I actually watched TV and then a movie without even picking up my knitting. Crazy, right? I think sometimes a little too much fiber goodness throughout the days and weeks is overload!

That was my Wednesday last week! Thanks again for reading these posts. Check back tomorrow for Thursday's post, as well as a few announcements regarding Candy Skein.


  1. I bet Wednesday is a lovely day for you spending time with the kids. Your so organised with your accounts!

  2. I'm popping through reading all of these posts late but I wanted to say that this: "I used to be able to read all of them, but right now I'm lucky to hit around 10, so I choose them randomly so I can check out different blogs each week." is a great idea!
    I have been really missing out on WIP Wednesday posts and I wish I could read and comment on all of them!! This is a wonderful idea, though, and I will keep it in mind ♥