Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Next Knitting Project?

Since most of you who regularly read this blog are knitters, I thought it would be a great idea to get your opinion on what my next knitting project should be. I have a few washcloths/dishcloths/bar cloths to make, but then wanted to take the next step up.

I've realized recently when trying to find a place for all my yarn (remember my beautiful yarn chest? Yep, it's full. A Flash Your Stash post should be coming soon) that I have bought some amazing yarns at the LYS I've visited, but have yet to use any of it. I think I've avoided it because I don't want to "screw it up", which is silly, but there you go. I'd love to try and knit something with some of it, but I'm not quite sure what. So, I'm calling upon all of you to help!

Here's what I have to work with, or are my requirements:

  • I want to work with needles that I have. Since it's Christmas coming up, I'm trying not to buy anything for myself this month. So far, so good. Here are the sizes/type that I currently own (I'd love to try my other KnitPicks ones since I've used the Harmony):

    Knit Picks size 6 acrylic interchangeable with 24" cable
    Knit Picks size 7 Harmony wood interchangeable with 24" cable
    Knit Picks size 8 nickel interchangeable with 24" cable
    Clover size 8 straight
    Clover size 10 straight
    Clover size 11 straight
    Clover size 15 straight
    Susan Bates size 5 circular with 16" cable
    Clover size 8 circular with 16" cable

  • Obviously, a pattern that isn't too hard, but I would like one where I could learn something new knitting wise with it. So far, I've only made dishcloths, and started that scarf that I frogged.

  • I'd like the pattern to be free.

  • I'd like to use some of my LYS or Knit Picks yarn. You can find a lot of it listed here in my Stash on Ravelry. Obviously, I can mix and match, especially the ones that are the same brand, but different colorway.

So, what do you all think? Any pattern suggestions that would be a good idea? Please leave your suggestions in the comments if you can! Thanks for all your help!


  1. Have you used the advanced pattern search on Ravelry. You can search using a lot of parameters you listed. Or you can look at the yarn and look at patterns that have been made with that yarn.

    Good luck finding your next endeavour!

  2. I think you should totally work on a hat in the round. You can use your size 8 16" circulars. If you want to friend me on ravelry, I'm swandiva. I really loved the Amanda hat, but you can do a simpler rolled brim hat. I like using Crazy Aunt Purl's method of calculating gauge and circumference for any type of yarn/needles:

    And I have some examples on my blog tagged with "knitting".

    I'm anxious to see what you choose! And I hope you'll add it to my Fibers on Friday party :-)

  3. I'm with Crafty. Use the advanced search and strictly define your parameters regarding yarn, free, yardage, needles, difficulty, etc. The ideas that little engine generates are mind boggling to me. Good luck!

  4. Maybe something with increases and decreases but still knit flat? I'm thinking your cloths haven't had that? The heart one I did had them. But I think the next natural step after knit and purl is increase and decrease! But I'm not sure which project that would be lol. I'm so not helpful!

    P.S. Sending snow your way!

  5. I'm agreeing with Beth. I think a hat would be great. It would get you working in the round on your 16" circs, you would learn increases and decreases, and there are a billion styles of free patterns on Ravelry.

    The only thing with a hat is that you'd have to switch to double pointed needles at the end to finish the decreases, which it looks like you'd have to buy. But maybe by the time you finish it'll be January! ;)

  6. Oh! True, true with the double pointed for binding off a hat. Didn't think of that :-)

  7. I had suggested the dish towel I had made a short while back on my blog. It's easy and you'll learn decreases at the end.

  8. Craftycripple, good idea! I have used the search before, but I've found some patterns that are marked "easy" on there, aren't really because what may be easy for an experienced knitter, isn't for someone like me. I'll take the suggestions here and then use that to find a pattern. :)

    Beth, thank you! A hat would be great, but as someone mentioned, it sounds hard finishing it off. Hmmm. I'll be sure to friend you on Ravelry and thank you for the link! :)

    Dina, thank you! As I said above, I think I'll use that once I figure out what I'm making to find a good pattern. I'm sure there are a TON out there. It kind of boggles my mind. I love Ravelry!

    Alea, I wish you could send me snow! Today is supposed to be high 60s but by the weekend we get back into the low 80s. WTF? LOL I haven't done increase and decrease. Hmmm...

    Paula, I'd love to make a hat but the end sounds hard. What about a cowl? That's basically the same thing but without having to finish it off, right? LOL

    Denise, I'll check out the dishcloth in question! Since I'll be making 3, I thought I'd move on from there and try something else.

    Okay everyone...a cowl? Like a hat so I'll be working in the round but won't have to finish it off with double-sided needles. Or how about fingerless gloves (but maybe I don't have the needles for that)?

  9. You could totally do a hat! You have two US 8 needles in the 16" and 24". Knit from the brim up with the 16", but when the decreases make it tight ont he 16" you can add the 24" and knit with two circulars. It will be awkward at first, but then you can get away with not having to buy dpns. I'll be back with links.

  10. Web instructions:


    Also most simple hats only take around 200 yds, or maybe even less. Good luck!

  11. A cowl would be good! And I love the ones that wrap around and button, so it wouldn't even necessarily have to be in the round. And let me say, finishing the hat on double pointeds wouldn't be's just that you'd have to buy the needles. I just don't want you to think it would be's not :-) You can totally do it!

  12. Joycers, thanks so much for the links! I'm going to check it out right now.

    Beth, I'll check out cowl patterns that seem to be easy. :) Yeah, I guess I could talk myself into buying straight double-pointed needles. I do have a Joann's coupon!

  13. A short row scarf - learn a new skill, the short rows keep things interesting, and everything is still done in garter stitch! Tons of free varieties on Rav

  14. That's another good idea, Anastacia! I think I'll gather all the group's ideas and see what patterns jump out at me. :)

  15. Check out the waffle stitch fingerless gloves pattern on ravelry. It is knitted flat and is pretty easy. If you want to try knitting in the round, maybe look at the Darkside cowl or Alice's mitts. The mitts have no thumb gusset and can be knitted with chunky or worsted weight yarn. The Darkside cowl has a cool rib and welt pattern that looks complicated but is actually very easy. Have fun with your next project, whatever you decide. And don't be afraid to challenge yourself!

  16. I'll look at those now, autumngeisha! Thank you for such great suggestions. :)