Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 18

Wednesday, again. Can you believe it?? It is already the 8th of this month, and that has me pretty much hyperventilating. Yikes! Luckily, to take off some of the sting, I was able to order a few bought gifts online yesterday. Now I just need to worry if they will make it here in time. As far as the crochet/knitting presents are concerned, I'm running out of time. There are a few that can be mailed a day or two late, so I am putting those on the back burner. We'll see how it goes. My days are pretty much devoted to crocheting/knitting. Needless to say, I'm getting a LOT of TV time in.

Just a side note, I plan to have a few fun things happening on the blog coming up, including a yarn giveaway, a CAL/KAL (patterns haven't been chosen yet, so if you have any suggests please let me know!) and a yarn diet challenge for the new year (gasp!). So stay tuned for that!

As far as WIPs are concerned, this is what I have on my plate.

The dragonfly washcloth turned out sooo great (will share pictures on FO Friday), that I wanted to do another one. This will be a gift and will look like this. I don't want to say too much about it, but I hope to finish it quickly so that I can get to another one and make them a little set. We'll see. This wasn't originally in my holiday gift making plans, so I can't add too many items at this point or I will simply run out of time...or just not sleep leading up to the holiday.

Sorry for the picture, it's hard to get a good picture of the black yarn doubled over.

I've been dreading making this. I started way back when and then stopped and ripped it out. I love the way that the purse looks in the end, and use the one I made as a test purse a bit! The problem is, the pattern isn't written very clearly and so I have to look at a breakdown someone did on Ravelry with pictures (thank god for that person). Once I get out of the flow of making it, I can't really restart again for some reason. So, here I am starting it again. I have to make two more by Christmas. This one (obviously black) is going to be the worst because it's so hard to work with black, IMO. The next one I think I'm going to do a tan color, so that should go much faster. Luckily, when I stop whining about it and just do it, I'll be fine. It's a fast pattern to do once you get into the flow of things.

For those that are new to WIPW, to share your WIPW post with us, just fill out the Mr. Linky below. Despite it saying you must comment, don't feel as if you do. That is something Mr. Linky automatically adds. I just ask you to check out a few of the links posted to see what everyone else is working on and comment there if you can. Everyone loves feedback and a little encouragement on their projects! Also, please link back to this post in your post to get the word out! The more the merrier!


  1. Hey there, Tami! good job. I'm with you on the black being hard to work with. i thought it was cuz I am blind :D

    I have a beautiful purse I started, but couldn't find the pattern to. Now I have found it and have to figure out where I am!

    Good luck on the Christmas stuff!

  2. I have finally caught back up with my schedule and have something to link up again with WIP Wednesday. Thank you once again for hosting it. That black yarn must cause you such a head ache. I don't think I've ever used black for anything other than little bits of toys, I now know that I was right to avoid it!

  3. Thank you, Leona! I can't wait to see the purse you're working on. You should join us for WIPW.

    CraftyCripple, YAY on having something for WIPW again. :) We missed you. Yes, black is a HUGE headache, especially when the pattern is a little confusing to start out. I thought black would be nice for this purse, and am going to line it with pink fabric for a great contrast.

  4. Ooh! I can't wait to see your purse! Black is a headache for sure, but will totally be worth it when it's all done. I'm still knitting away on my elephant and will post this week's measly progress when I get home tonight. I need an extra week!!!

  5. Thanks, Paula! Yeah, black is terrible and super bad when it gets dark at like 4:30-5pm and have to rely on artificial lighting. I'm guessing half of the time! Looking forward to the small progress you man on the elephant! He was looking adorable last week.

  6. I know what you mean, I'm not getting much sleep either! Love that dragonfly washcloth though, once again, I'm so impressed with how quickly you've taken to the knitting!

  7. I'm beyond hyperventilating, full blown panic attack coming any minute now.

    I do like that purse and added it to my queue. I find working with darker colors better during the day, but it stinks when you have to work during the day.

    If you do work with dark colors often, you might consider getting an Ott Light. They are on sale pretty cheap at JoAnn Fabrics this time of year. All the cross stitchers who stitch on black fabric swear by them.

  8. I can't wait to see the finished dragonfly dishcloth! :)

    And oh man, am I with you on the working-in-black front. I actually just started a penguin in teal just to avoid dealing with making something in black. So hard to see your stitches, especially at night! (That's a really pretty bag pattern, though, so I think it will be worth the slog.)

  9. Congrats on finishing the dragonfly washcloth. You are flying with those knitting needles! That bag pattern is so pretty and will look elegant in black. I love the look of black, but agree that it is tedious to work with. What kind of handles will you be using? One of my favorite parts of making bags is choosing the hardware.

  10. Black bl0w$ that monster cape I'm doing (ahem) is in all black and is just murder. BUT nothing is worse than furry fuzzy stuff, unless maybe BLACK furry fuzzy stuff. These meme's are great Tami. You wouldn't think so but they really do keep me on track to get SOMETHING done to show for them. Thanks for the billionth time.

  11. Affiknitty, thank you! To be honest, I'm impressed with myself as well! Hopefully I can keep the pace.

    Denise, the purse is great! Let me know if you have issues with the beginning of the pattern. It's written weird and I can show you the picture breakdown someone did! I made the purse in gray awhile ago and LOVE it! Thanks for the light suggestion, I'll have to check that out. I've never heard of that kind of light!

    Kathleen, thank you! I was so excited about it, I did my FO Friday post yesterday and already have it scheduled. LOL How smart to make a penguin in teal! I'm sure it will be adorable. I've avoided making a penguin because I didn't want to have to bother with black.

    Thanks autumngeisha! I think it will look great in black too! I haven't decided on the hardware. I have black bamboo handles I could use, or I was thinking I might crochet the strap and line it like I did with the owl bag straps. Any suggestions? The lining will be pink.

    mutantsupermodel, you and me both! I'd probably have nothing to show if it wasn't for this blog. It keeps me going crocheting/knitting wise! And you're very welcome! You guys are awesome!

  12. Hi Tami,

    Here is a link to double knitting. It's basically double sided and thickness, knitting both sides at once.

    Warning, as a new knitter it might blow your mind a bit. LOL

  13. Denise, thank you! WOW, that looks close to impossible. I can't even imagine. LOL

  14. Yes, those tutorials make it look harder than what it is. That's why I kept procrastinating.

    I'm going to have Duane video me working on the red and black one, when I get to it. Hopefully, I can give some good advice for those who might be contemplating trying it.

  15. Ugh dark yarn is the worst. I always seem to be working on those projects at night when I can barely see already! Knit Knit Knit!!!!

  16. That's a great idea, Denise! I'd love to see a video of you doing it.

    Alea, yes, yes it is. It makes me never want to buy another black or dark skein of yarn again. LOL

  17. AAACCCKKKK! I can't even think about how little time is left!!!!

  18. Keep on stitching! You can do it!