Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dyeing for Fun Part 3

I wanted a kettle-dyed yarn with one color but some variation in it. I decided to use reds and burgundy to get a cinnamon color. The yarn took the dye much stronger than I expected it to, it just soaked the red of the Kool-aid up in no time and was crazy vibrant. This is the first time dyeing this yarn, Patons Classic Wool.

Cinnamon Swirl
Fiber content: 100% Wool
Weight: Worsted/ 10 ply
Yardage: 223 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Hand wash/Dry Flat
Dyed with: Strawberry Kool-aid and Burgundy Wilton's Icing Dye


  1. SO pretty! You're my hero! I'm having way more fun with this whole dyeing thing than I thought. Just bought my first Kool-aid. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Just my kind of colors. I have got to buy a pot for dyeing. I have all the other supplies but not the pot!

  3. Paula, thank you! Awesome to hear you're having fun with it! You never really, truly know what you're going to get. Be sure it's the sugar free or you will end up with a yucky, sticky lump. LOL I'll see if I can find the link to a site that lists all the combos you can get with Kool-aid. Unfortunately, my markets don't have a lot of the flavors that are out there. I guess sugar free Kool-aid isn't popular in my area. :(

    Narwhal Love, thank you! Actually, if you're using dye that is edible (Kool-aid, Wilton's dyes, food coloring, etc) you can use any pot or bowl from your kitchen!

  4. Very pretty. Some of the Wilton's dyes do split, so you will get unexpected results sometimes.

    Different brand yarns will take the dyes differently.

    I used to soak my yarn in vinegar and water bath. Squeeze out the excess water. Stretch it out on plastic wrap. Dilute the dye with some hot vinegar and squirt on the yarn in various places. Wrap up the plastic then back at a low temp for about 30 minutes. 140F.

  5. Hey Denise, exactly. I think the best example is the black Wilton's. Some people have it look almost black, some blue, some purple. The way you describe the way you used to dye yarn is pretty much how I do it when I hand paint them, instead of kettle dye (in the Crock Pot). Also, I use the microwave for the last step. With the crock pot, I pour the dye in the crock pot to get a more kettle dyed look.

  6. That is beautiful yarn, and I'll have to remember to check the Wilton's section of the grocery store the next time I'm in the mood to dye yarn.

  7. Liz, thank you. Yes, do! Actually, Walmart has Wilton's pretty cheap for a set!