Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 23

Another Wednesday, another WIP. I only have one to share today, because I've been kind of lazy. To be honest, I'm not sure why I don't have more to share! I hope to finish the corgi, as I haven't worked on it, soon and then I won't feel guilty starting something else. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

How are the yarn dieters doing? Have you worked your way through a skein yet? I haven't, but hope to soon! You can follow my progress on the sidebar, as well as posts I will do each month of the 5 month long diet.

I took two pictures of this hat, because to be honest, I have no clue how to photograph a knitted hat that is still on the needles. This is my first knitting in the round, and I will say, I like it! The only issue is, I HATE the needles I'm using. It was the only size 8 US 16" I have. The 24" was way too big. These are Clover bamboo needles and I want to throw them out the window. My cast on was SOOOO loose because the needles suck compared to what I'm used to (Knit Picks). I am going to have to go out and buy new ones that are a little better I think, if I want to continue making hats. I hate that Knit Picks doesn't have anything smaller than a 24" cable. Sigh. Anyway, YAY for me making a hat! Unfortunately when I was doing the 1K1P ribbing, I didn't pay close enough attention as we were watching The Sting, and I screwed up a row and then corrected myself after that row. I'll just wear that part in the back, if the hat even fits in the end (it seems a little small) when I walk the dog. I just wanted to use this as my test to see if I could even knit something in the round. I'm using this pattern and Berroco Vintage. I'm proud to report, the Vintage was splitty at cast on/first row, but now I love it! It's so fun to use LYS yarn from my stash. I got this ball with my birthday money, you may recall.

Totally not part of WIPW, but I ordered HiyaHiya needles in US 6, 12" and US 2, 12" to first make worsted socks, and then finger weight socks! I got two of each, so that I can avoid using DPN. I'm not sure why the thought of those scare me, but at this point, they just do. Do any of you use these needles? I've heard good things about them!

I'd also like to report that my fingerless gloves saved my life the other day. Okay, maybe not my LIFE, but my hands from being freezing. We went out with friends on the weekend at night and they wanted to sit outside because the bar had a firepit. BRRRR. Luckily, I was smart and put them in my purse just to have at the spur of the moment. My friend said that she thought they were bought because they looked so good! YAY!

For those that are new to WIPW, to share your WIPW post with us, just fill out the Mr. Linky below. Despite it saying you must comment, don't feel as if you do. That is something Mr. Linky automatically adds. I just ask you to check out a few of the links posted to see what everyone else is working on and comment there if you can. Everyone loves feedback and a little encouragement on their projects! Also, please link back to this post in your post to get the word out! The more the merrier!


  1. ooh i like the colour of your hat - i'm excited to see it finished. your fingerless gloves are pretty; i'm glad they saved you from being freezing - nothing worse. have a great week xx

  2. The hat is looking good. There is a way to fix the patch where you went wrong if you want to- You work to the column of stitches where the mistake is, take a deep breath and drop the stitch down to the mistake and pick back up with a crochet hook doing the right stitch all the way (like picking up a running stitch on this page).
    Can't wait to see what socks you make, I love making socks

  3. Would help if I had actially posted the page link, here it is:

  4. Do you usually use the interchangeable needles? I have KnitPro (same as KnitPicks but the name is different in Europe) needles in 16" but they are their fixed circular needles instead of interchangeable ones. If you know have longer needles you could always learn Magic Loop, it's easy to do. Also DPNs aren't scary at all once you get going, you only use 2 needles at a time and the others just hang there waiting.

  5. I second Northern Monkey, magic loop is your friend. It's a piece of cake after a few rounds.

  6. I am thinking about getting the interchangeable Hiya Hiyas, so I will be interested to hear how you like yours. It would be naughty of me, since I already have Addi Clicks... and I'm with you on the Clovers, they are total junk.

  7. I love HiyaHiya needles - so smooth and flexible. I use mine all the time for socks on magic loop :)

  8. Hi there, I'm going to join WIP Wednesdays if I can get Mr. Linky to work! But! Consider acquiring KnitPro tips, as Northern Monkey recommends (a popular seller is p2tog, or if you don't want to deal with European currency, I do recommend the 16" Knit Picks guys. They're not interchangeable, but if you like knitting hats or starting circular projects like shawls, they're wonderful.

  9. I promised myself never to use Clover needles again. I do have 16" circs from Knit Picks but they are the fixed circulars not the interchangeables. I like them as well as the more expensive Addis.

    I prefer the 2-circular method for round things -- less worry about ladders (gaps) between DPNs, and it seems less fiddly than all the moving stitches around for Magic loop. I know we all have our own preferences on that topic! Try it all and see what you like best, that's the only way to know for sure.

    You're doing beautifully with your knitting, Tami! Thanks again for creating a WIPW community.

  10. The hat looks great so far, I'm glad that the yarn became less problematic to work with as you went on. (I've definitely had that experience with yarn---it's always such a relief when it stops being splitty, etc. after the beginning!)

  11. I'm another fan of Magic Loop. I have the KnitPicks interchangeables, and you can do a hat on magic loop with 36'-40" cables. I know what you mean though when you switch from KnitPicks to Clover needles. The clover cable doesn't have the same flexibility as the KP cable, and the C tips feel clumsy and huge after the sleek points of the KPs.

  12. I'm making a cardigan with some mohair my daughter gave me for Christmas. It's working up very quickly, and looks so yummy. Come see it at my blog!

  13. I laid my hats flat and took the pictures like they were a sock.

    I hate Clover bamboo needles. I have one pair and have been thinking about giving them to the cats for their knitting. Bootsie said she didn't care for them more than using as a toy.

    I have the HyaHya for my my fine laceweight circulars and I LOVE them. Nice points and the cord isn't really stiff. The joins are smooth too.

  14. Yay for knitting in a circle! It's fun, no? The hat looks great, and don't fear the dpns. They're not bad at all. Promise. :) Sorry about the crap needles. I'm knitting a teensy hat on total garbage needles now and kicking myself. I need to splurge on come good dpns!

  15. Great looking hat so far! I'm so happy to see your knitting progress. Learning how to knit in the round will open up a whole new world of projects to you, so definitely enjoy the process by investing in some good needles that you like. I personally have a severe allergy to dpn's. I prefer the magic loop technique or 12 inch circulars. I love my Addi Clicks. I also like my Hiya Hiya bamboo interchangeables.

  16. It looks like you are doing great knitting in the round! I am curious to see how you like the 12" needles as I have never had a chance to try them. I usually use the magic loop for socks. It is a nice method to know so that you can use various needles for round projects (and I see I'm not the only one suggesting it):
    : )

  17. Sorry all! I was out all day and am just getting to all of your comments/posts! See below.

    Vicki, thank you! I love the color of the hat, too! I figured I can wear it with pretty much anything and jeans.

    Halfpint, that sounds sooo scary! LOL, thanks for the link. I'll check it out!

    Northern Monkey, I didn't realize they have non-interchangeable 16"!!! OMG, you just made my life!!!!! I'll be ordering them soon. Thank you! I do have the interchangeable try it set.

    Craftycripple, I watched the beginning of the sock class on Knit Picks youtube channel. It doesn't look too hard, but it does seem kind of a hassle. That being said, I had to go with what I had, the 16" crap needles since I didn't want to buy anything until I tried in the round.

    Leah, great to hear! I can't wait to use them!!

    Narwhal Love, thank you for the suggestion! I think I'll go with the Knit Picks non-interchangeable since I know I like their needles. Glad to see you were able to get the Mr Linky to work. I look forward to reading your post!

    Marushka, glad to hear you like the two circulars. I figured it was the best because I then also have two needles I can use for two separate projects when I don't need both. I wish I could just throw all of my stupid Clover needles away. I think they'll find their way into the next garage sale we have!

    Kathleen, thank you! Yeah, I was sad at first because I love the yarn and all of the great colors it comes in (the price is good too!). Glad it decided to shape up!

    Joycers, totally! The cable feels almost twisted or something it's so stiff and the point is non-existent. I don't get why they don't fix that. You'd think it would be easy to make their product better.

    Beadknitter, can't wait to see it! I'll be visiting all the posts tonight or tomorrow morning!

    Denise, HA! The cats! Great idea. I couldn't lay it flat, it kept falling over (I think due to the stiff needle cable and since the hat isn't too long yet). Great to hear the HiyaHiya joins are smooth! That's another thing that drives me made with the Clover.

    Paula, it's totally fun! I can't wait to do something a little more interesting so it's not all just knitting over and over.

    autumngeisha, thank you! I'm excited too. I now owe my husband a hat when I can figure out how to finish mine. LOL My Hiya Hiya are the metal ones.

    Shannon, thanks! Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.

  18. I was going to mention KPs fixed circulars but a few people beat me to it! For me to 24 inchers work when I have like 80+ stitches I think.

  19. Oh yes, I have quite a few Clover circular needles in my stash. They make me hostile. The cords on them are completely unforgiving. Just another reminder that I should get my hands on some KP fixed circs.

    Either way, your hat is looking great, and I really like the color!

  20. Nice hat! I agree with the Knit Picks to Clover switch being rather annoying. I've never tried Magic Loop either. I should probably give it a shot.

    And hey if you aren't sure the hat will fit, you can try it on right now to check and proceed only if it does unless you have someone else to give it to if it doesn't. The part of the hat with the decreases is just the crown of the head. So you want the part before the decreases to fit your head and you can keep going without decreases until the desired part of your head is covered and then start the decreases.

  21. Alea, thanks! I think they'll be in my next order for when I make hats for me. When I make Kurt a hat, I think I'll try that 24"s I already have.

    Vinita, thanks! I have tried it on. It does fit but it is a little stretchy as far as the stitches stretching. So, it will be a tight fit! I'm wondering if blocking it will help. I've never blocked anything before.