Friday, February 18, 2011

FO Friday 22

I feel like I'm slacking, but honestly I'm not. This is the first time since FO Friday (in 22 weeks) that I have back to back posts with no FO. I blame it on the garter stitch scarf! Anyway, I have many projects in the works, but still have a bit to do on all of them. I plan to get a lot of knitting done this weekend, as we are going up to a cabin in the snow (yes, people in Southern California actually take vacations to see snow!) to just relax. I'm sure I'll have awesome pictures to share from the trip, including my foot tall corgi in 4-6 feet of snow. It should be interesting to say the least.

I went to the yarn store today (Yarn Dieters, I was good and didn't buy actual yarn) to get size US7 DPNs to work on the legs and arms of my monster. We'll see how it goes, as I have never used DPNs before. Seriously, what else new could I possibly learn with this monster?

This isn't a FO, but I didn't want to share how excited I am to have found a crock pot at the thrift store near my house for only $8. I was really worried it wouldn't work since, A) it was $8 and B) it is brown and olive green which means that it's from the 60's or 70's. I dyed two skeins yesterday (see I HAVE been busy!) and not only does it work, it actually started BOILING. Good thing my yarn was superwash! Yikes.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Please share your FO posts and I will comment on them when I return.


  1. I want to find a cheap crock pot to give yarn dying a go. I'll be interested to see what you can do using it.

  2. I was using my Dad's old 1970's crock pot forever. It was puke yellow and he said it was a wedding gift from when I was born (oh yeah, that really does make sense)

    I like using crock pots for dying more than the oven. Mostly because I use acid dyes and don't dye in my kitchen.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  3. Hello! I'm new to your blog and the FO Friday :)

  4. Craftycripple, I actually have another crock pot I've used. On all the yarn that I've called "Kettle dyed" it's in the crock pot. I was just tired of having to wash it out so much so that I could also use it for food! LOL I LOVE dyeing in the crock pot!

    WonderWhyGal, I've never used the oven! Only the crock pot (which I was using the one we use for food, hence only icing dye and kool aid) and hand painting and then microwaving.

    Gwnio, welcome!!! We have a great group of participants that make awesome stuff. Be sure to join in on WIPW on Wednesdays as well!

  5. I am resolutely avoiding learning to dye my own yarn. Just as I am resolutely avoiding learning how to spin. It's a matter of self (and marriage) preservation...I spend enough money on yarn as it is: acquiring the accoutrements of dyeing and spinning will be the end of me. :)