Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Your Stash! An Ongoing Meme

I was talking to Alea from Pop Culture Junkie and we got the great idea to have an ongoing Flash Your Stash Mr. Linky. I thought today was as good as any day to start! Do you have pictures of your stash lying around that you would like to share with the world? Then you've come to the right place. Just like Work-in-Progress Wednesdays, just add the link to your post showing off your yarn/craft stash. You can share a new link every week/month/year, whatever works best for you! I think it would be awesome to collect a bunch of links, new and old showing how much our stashes have grown (or decreased, but when is THAT ever going to happen?). I will be keeping a link in the sidebar, so feel free to come by an share your link whenever you can!

I present to you, my VERY modest stash at the moment:

This is where I keep most of my yarn. Here is a picture with the lid open and all the yarn out of it.

And closed.

This is Milo, or at least his huge head. He's only a Corgi puppy (15 months old) so he's always very interested in my yarn, which is why I have most of it in this chest from Ikea! As you can see, he's a perfect height to open it and get into trouble.

This is most of my current stash. Not all of it fits in the Ikea chest, so some of it just sits in a cardboard box or a wood crate downstairs. Usually I keep my WIPs downstairs, because that's where I work on them the most. I make mostly amis, so I buy a lot of acrylic yarn, but there is also a few others in there.

Oops, these were downstairs when I took the big picture, so I didn't want to leave them out. They get their own photo!

This is some of the yarn put back. As you can see, I try to put the small stuff and a few others in bags. I find it easier (and cleaner) that way, as I have a dog and two cats. As I mentioned, not all of it fits in here, but I'd say 3/4 of it does.

Well, now that I've shared my stash as of today, please share yours!


  1. Hey there Tami - first time I've participated in one of your meme's. But had to Flash the Stash....

  2. Oh geez I totally have more than you :( It did make me feel better that your all didn't fit in that box, i'd really be jealous then!

  3. Your stash looks so organised! I'm too embarrassed to share mine... I have bits hidden away all over the place! If I ever got it all together in one place I'd be forced to admit how much I actually have and go on a serious yarn diet!

  4. Thanks Gracey is not my name! You should participate in the others!

    Alea, HA! I think you're has grown a bit due to your blanket/granny square projects. I haven't bought much yarn lately, but have been using up a bit.

    elephantJuice, that's the fun of it! Mine is organized because I don't have a lot. LOL Also, I'm a freaky person that needs things organized. I'm one of the weird people that alphabetized my cd collection.

  5. Better late than never! :) My stash always seems so huge until I lay it out and look at it next to everyone else's. Then I feel like going yarn shopping!

  6. i think i have some of that same yarn:) do you have any issues with your yarn snagging on that box? whenever i see a cute basket i want to grab it for my yarn, but then i worry that it will snag...

  7. Thanks Paula! I actually went out and bought a few skeins of yarn yesterday after posting my pictures! LOL

    atangledyarn, I was afraid of the same thing, but haven't had any issues at all. There aren't any loose areas of the basket. I bought it at Ikea for like $30 and would totally recommend it. Only problem is it isn't big enough. LOL

  8. Your stash looks lovely and tidy, mine is a bit more dog-eared ;-). I wish we could get Red Heart Super Saver in the UK! Speaking of dogs... your Milo is beautiful - and I know a canine Milo too! Can I Flash My Milo?
    (I'm sure he'd send his regards if he knew I was talking about him ;-) ).

  9. Awww, so cute! I love your Milo! Thanks for sharing Susie! I'll have to post a picture of Milo (other than the back of his head) soon!

  10. This is a great Idea! My stash seems small.

  11. Your stash is so pretty, Craftynycgirl! I love the box you keep your yarn in as well!

  12. I found this on ravelry and though "I'm in!" So my stash is flashed :D I love looking at everyone's stash, this was a great idea!

  13. Yours are look like the queue up nicely. They're all bagged up and organised-looking, even with ball bands! Do they stay that way?
    No matter how carefully I wind in the ends, the balls wriggle so much they come out again and are only happy once they are jumbled up again. I had to groom mine just to get a picture.

  14. Awesome, Kittn. Thanks for participating!

    Caroline, I try to keep mine together. I pull from the center on skeins that have a center to pull from, so the ball bands stay on until the skein gets too skinny. They tend to fall of then! LOL, thanks for participating!

    Be sure to check the current FYS post from September here (with same Mr Linky):