Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reindeer in May! It's Never too Early

My niece's latest obsession are reindeer. When my sister mentioned her May birthday party was going to be reindeer-themed, I knew I just had to crochet one for her! I quickly went onto Ravelry and found a perfect (and free) pattern (you must be signed into Ravelry/Lion Brand to see it). Since it was the middle of the year, I figured I would make it with a brown nose and teal collar so that she could play with it throughout the year, instead of just during the holiday season.

Below are a few pictures of how the little guy turned out. I was actually pretty happy with it since it was one of my first larger amigurumi projects.

Materials used:
3.75 (F) hook
Red Heart Super Saver yarn (antlers/hooves/nose/tail-Coffee, body/legs/head- Cafe)
Red Heart Design Sport (collar-Pool)
9mm safety eyes
Poly Fluff stuffing
Yarn needle

I worked on it from May 2-23rd, 2010.

To see all pictures of this reindeer, please click here!


  1. Hey Tami! Cute reindeer there. Glad to see your crochet blog is up and running! I didn't know you were left-handed!

  2. Hey Sharon! Thanks for commenting. I am left-handed, though I do a lot of things right-handed. It really is a righty world out there! LOL

  3. That reindeer turned out perfect! Yay lefties!

  4. Thanks Alea! I was really proud of it. Of course, when I gave it to my niece she said "Why isn't the nose red? Does this nose come off?" Ahh, kids.