Thursday, August 5, 2010

Turtle Time

After making the reindeer for my oldest niece, I figured I would do the same for my other niece who was turning one years old. Even if she wasn't going to play with it at a young age, I thought it would be fun for her to have it for when she gets old. I wanted to make something that wouldn't take me too long, but would be fun and more colorful than the reindeer. I looked through my Ravelry patterns in the queue, as well as books and magazines I had around the house.

Deciding on a cute tortoise pattern I had from the Crochet Today! May/June issue, I picked out soft but easy yarn to make amigurumi with. The pattern was for a mama and baby tortoise, but since I didn't have much time I decided to make the smaller of the two. I had this great yarn that I got because I loved the colors, but had no clue what I was going to make out of it. Seeing it again, I knew it was perfect for the project. I had a tight deadline and actually got it done hours before my niece's birthday party.

Below are a few pictures. At first I thought the eyes were a little big for how little he turned out, but now I like it!

Materials used:
3.75 (F) hook
Red Heart Soft Yarn (shell-Embers)
Caron Simply Soft (head/bottom of shell/legs-Lt Country Peach)
9mm safety eyes
Poly Fluff stuffing
Yarn needle

I worked on it from May 23-June 9, 2010.

To see all pictures of this turtle, please click here!


  1. And he even stands, my stuff barely ever stands!

  2. I try to keep all the feet flat when stuffing which helps. With this one, the neck is sewn to the side (and inside) the turtle shell so I think that helps the balance. Also his feet are at equal corners, as far apart as I could sew them, while still being underneath.

    Do you tend to stuff your amis firm or keep them softer?

  3. I try to stuff them firm because when I started i totally wasn't and they seemed saggy.

  4. Yeah, I stuff all mine really firm too, but as I do, I keep in mind the feet/legs need to be flattened to stand.

  5. What a delightful little creature! And with such a cute smile. :-)

  6. Thanks Shayne! I'm really happy how he turned out and my sister/bro-in-law/niece loved him. :)