Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to Tami's Amis and Other Crochet!

Welcome to my crochet and amigurumi blog, Tami's Amis and Other Crochet! I started crocheting around December of 2009. It wasn't the first time I attempted to learn the craft. I was interested in crochet when my mom took it up around 2002, but there was one small problem...I'm left-handed and my mom is right-handed. Each time she tried to teach me, I could never figure it out.

This past winter, the craft itch held tight as I struggled with my first creative outlet, writing. I ran to Michaels, bought a skein of Red Heart Yarn and a cheap plastic crochet hook (size J). Sidling up to my computer, I searched youtube and found great videos for left-handed crocheters! I've been a crocheting fool ever since. I can't walk through a craft store-or for that matter any store that carries yarn-without running my hands along the skeins and usually I can't resist buying a few.

I decided to start this blog as a way to share my projects and gab about all things crochet. Please come back to see what fun things I'm cooking up as I learn how to design my own amigurumis, work on projects for friends and family and more! I'm a member of Twitter and Ravelry, so feel free to click the links in the left sidebar to follow me!

In the coming days, I will be posting recently finished amis I've worked on, including the patterns I used to make them. I hope you drop by again soon!

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