Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dyeing for Fun Part 14

I wanted to thank everyone for voting in the polls that I posted on Thursday and Friday. It helped a ton to see what everyone is interested in when buying yarn. That brings me to today's colorway. I was surprised at how many of you loved blues and purples. As I mentioned in the comments section, I'm always attracted to those two yarn colors, and it looks like I'm not alone. I actually dyed this before I posted the polls, but thought it was a perfect time to share it with you.

Colorway: Grape Taffy
Fiber content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% nylon superwash
Weight: Fingering Weight
Yardage: 464 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Machine wash/tumble dry low
Dyed with: Wilton's Icing Dye


  1. I think this is my favorite so far!

  2. CrochetBlogger, thank you! I love it, too.

  3. Have you tried grape kool-aid? It makes a fabulous purple, too! (Not that the Wiltons isn't fabulous, it is!)

  4. Beth, I have actually. I find the grape KA a little muddy compared to Wilton's violet. Just a preference. :)

  5. So yummy! What a fabulous colour.
    Is a kettle dyed solid the same as a semi-solid? I love variation in yarn within the same colour tone but I wasn't sure what that would count as in your poll. This one is right up my alley!

  6. Nikki, thank you! This would be considered solid actually. It's pretty impossible to get a true solid in a kettle dyed yarn I've found. You'll always have some lights and darks, as well as, in this case, where the dye broke a little into a few colors. As far as the multi, that would be very different colors in the crock pot with the pour method instead of having the skein laid out and deliberately placing the dye on sections of the yarn with some kind of squirt bottle (that would be hand painted). Sorry to be confusing! :)

  7. I LOVE that purple! How did you dye it? I think it's considered a tonal....not a solid. I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of your shop now!

  8. suddenexpression, thanks! You're right, tonal is a good word for the semi-solid kettle dyed. :)