Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dyeing for Fun Part 17

First off, big news! I will be officially announcing and opening the doors to my online shop next Tuesday! Please come by for the name/logo/website reveal.

Also, on another note, you may have noticed I have changed the name of the blog to Tami's Amis and Other Creations. I figured crochet just didn't fit anymore, since I now crochet, knit, dye, etc.

Okay, now back to business.

Today I'm going to share a skein of fingering yarn that I'm keeping for myself. That's right, most of the skeins/hanks I've shared will be up on my shop soon (again, next week. WOOHOO!), but this one I couldn't part with. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but since it's not easy to replicate, I figured if I like it that much, I should keep it. The reason it's hard to get another skein just like this one, is because I "broke" Wilton's black. I'm not sure if many of you know, but some dye colors break, meaning the colors separate once you change the pH balance (aka adding acid/vinegar). When I dyed this skein, I was trying to break it, and I was so happy with how it turned out. Some areas stayed black/gray, while others turned lavender/pink/green. The pics don't do it justice.

Black Magic
Fiber content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% nylon superwash
Weight: Fingering Weight
Yardage: 464 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Machine wash/tumble dry low
Dyed with: Wilton's Icing Dye


  1. I Love it!! You posted it in Kool Way to Dye group didn't you? I seem to remember this gorgeous skein in particular! :)

  2. It looks great! Can't wait to see what you use it for.

  3. That is stunning. I'm not surprised you aren't going to part with it.

  4. love it! As a non-dyer, I have a most-likely silly question.... how do you dye things to match... I mean, do you keep the dye? Do you remake it exact? ... I genuinely don't know :(

  5. suddenexpression, yep, I did share it with that group. I usually share most of my skeins there, and sometimes even earlier than here (if you'd like a sneak peek. LOL). Thanks!

    Tink, thanks! Any good ideas of what it would look good as?

    CraftyCripple, thank you. I loved watching the black magically change. It was weirdly thrilling to see what I was going to get.

    Cris, thanks! That's not a silly question. Well, I write down all of my "recipes" to dye the same colorway more than once. Of course, they would be different dye lots. To get the same dye lot, you have to dye the multiple skeins together in the same pot, with the same dye. Of course, with kettle dyeing, you won't get the exact same, much like Malabrigo yarns. Even the same dye lot has different variants.

  6. I would keep that yarn for myself, too, it's gorgeous. What are you dreaming of making with it?

    (Also, I'm so excited for your shop opening! :D)

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  8. (Sorry about the deleted post -- I made an oopsie.) Let's try that again:

    That looks great! I'm a big fan of grey in color combos (heck, I'm wearing grey and black right now). :)

    I look forward to the site reveal!

    Just heard about the Kings, btw. Sorry neither So Cal team is getting a stab at the Cup this year. :(

  9. That looks AMAZING! You did a bang up job on that yarn, missy! If you were selling, I'd totally be buying. Can't wait for your launch, I'm in the market for some special yarn these days. So, I'll be attending your grand opening for sure. :)

    On another note, can we arrange it so that our teams don't meet until the western conference finals next year? I think that would be way more fun...

  10. Your yarn is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you have for your shop.

  11. Kathleen, thank you! I have NO clue what to make with it. Any ideas? Right now I'm just sitting and petting it a lot. It's nice and soft, too!

    Contessa, thanks and no problem about the deleted post. Being a die hard Kings fan for 21 years (yes, you read that right, 21 years), I will tell you it is a sad day but I'm proud of my boys. They did better than I thought going into the series. That being said, I'm also a bitter Kings fan and love that the Ducks got knocked out as well. LOL

    Paula, thanks! I'll let you know next time I dye a skein with black to show you how it turns out. You've got first dibs. ;) Yeah, the Western Conference finals sound a LOT better. I will say, it was a great great series, don't you think? Way better than I ever imagined and for the most part, SJ fans are so nice, so there wasn't any petty wars happening on the message boards like there was last year with the Canucks.

    nothingbutknit2, thank you!

  12. Brilliant! I love dyeing with black food coloring. The only drawback with it is that it never, never turns out actually 'black' :) But you can get so many cool other colors from it.

    I'd love to do some more dyeing soon... unfortunately, I've got a new round of housemates, who wouldn't be as understanding of a bunch of skeins hanging in the shower as my last ones were! ;)

  13. Joy, thank you! You'll have to try to do some dyeing while they're out for the day/night! Black is sooo fun. :)

    Sarah, thank you!