Friday, April 1, 2011

FO Friday 28

Happy Friday AND April Fool's Day everyone! I was racking my brain yesterday to think of a good April's Fool joke to pull on you guys, but my mind came up blank. I blame it on the beautiful weather we're having here. It was 81F on Wednesday, 85F yesterday and today is supposed to be 81F. This is the best time of year in San Diego. Warm enough to go to the beach, not too hot and everything is blooming. Of course, that brings allergies.

I've worked sooo hard on my scarf the past few days, but it's STILL not finished. I feel like these balls of yarn are growing as I knit. My husband pointed out that in the end, I'll have a beautiful scarf that will be warm and cozy. Hard to be excited about that in 85 degree weather. LOL

I wanted to thank everyone who voted in my polls yesterday. If you haven't yet, please take the time to do so. For your convenience, here is the link to the post from yesterday where the polls live. If you've already voted, please don't vote again. That being said, I did forget to add one more poll question. I hope you don't mind, but if you could please vote for this one below as well, I'd really appreciate it.

What type of dyed yarn are you most interested in?
Self striping
Hand painted
Kettle dyed solids
Kettle dyed multi color free polls

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Share your FOs!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the scarf. Am very jealous that you have a beach to go to and that it is nice enough to actually go!

  2. Also very jealous about the beach...
    Love to see the scarf.
    Wanted to vote but cannot decide - love solid and multi coloured.

  3. ok, they are threatening snow here in Michigan so your warm temps can be the joke. I long for bare feet and short sleeves.

  4. Hope you enjoy the beautiful weather. The poll is a fantastic idea! Have a great weekend!

    Let me know if I can help with the monster. If it's the awkwardness of using dpns for the arms and legs, try magic looping them. It's a little fussy, but it will work.

  5. Your temps sound I sit hit with scarf around my neck, ghan on my lap waiting for the furnace to warm up the house. GRoan. Have so many things on my to do list today, don't know where to begin. chillin on the computer and soon going to the kitchen for another cup of Jo...been a tough and long week

  6. Well, at least we did see a photo of that scarf earlier this week ...

  7. I am so jealous of warm weather and beaches. A sand seminar is much needed here. Hope you are getting all the info you need. The polls are a great idea.

  8. Halfpint, thanks. The weather has been amazing lately. I hope to go hang out at the beach tomorrow. :)

    Gina, thanks for letting know about the voting. I'll put you down for liking both. :)

    Wonderwhygal, not to brag but I wore a t-shirt and flip flops yesterday and was warm. LOL

    Autumngeisha, thanks. Your monster is adorable. I am having trouble with the DPNs. I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I then tried the magic loops and couldn't seem to do the K F&B part with it and by that time I was so frustrated I gave up. LOL I'll try it again.

    Sandy, awww, wish you had warmer weather. We pay for our nice weather through taxes and expensive housing prices. LOL I have a ton to do as well, so I feel your pain.

    Lily, yep! I hope you won't see it again until NEXT Friday because that means I will have finished it before Wednesday. LOL

    Dina, thanks! It's great to see what people are interested in with the polls.

  9. If your worried about your scarf feeling neglected, feel free to send it to me... crazily, we are due half a foot of snow tomorrow : (

  10. 81 degrees-- that's not funny! We got six inches of snow :( Oh well, I only have myself to blame for not moving to San Diego.

  11. Could you take a look at my meme. First ever and I'm not really sure what I'm doing. Your list is still here, but the linky is gone. Was of the impression I could look through all those that exist and pick one and or make one. I sorta made one, but never did see any to pick from? Was also of the impression these were free with all you see around, then after registering found out otherwise. Currently I'm a silver...just a bump up.

  12. Hey Sandy. I close the Mr Linky the day after each one (at least for WIPW and FO Friday) so people don't continue to add to these. Your Mr Linky is working on your site. There is a place to add a name to it and a link. You may not be seeing it yourself because you are probably signed into the blog and your Mr Linky account. Actually, it is free to a point. You can't have multiple Mr Linky's open as a free member. I currently pay to use it so that I can have multiple ones open on this blog.

  13. meant you answered me on your blog instead of my blog. I thought I was losing it, looked and looked. Then looked in my spam folder in case it got misdirected. Then...though, maybe you meant...sure enough. I often answer on my blog too in case others ask the same question, but then always flip back to the asker's blog too. Or at least I try to.

    Sooooo, next question is how do you close it? And, am I supoose to be able to see options of things to use? And your linky is only on yourpage, where mine seems to encourage people to get the code and put it on their blog? Am confused.

  14. Sandy, sorry, I'm pretty busy right now and didn't even think to post it on your site as well. Anyway, first off, I use the one called "original auto-linkies" and of course for Blogger since this is a blogger blog. As far as closing it, if you go to the tab that says "widgets" it lists the ones you have open. Click the date link that's in the first column of the linky you want to close, and then it will bring up a new page. At the top of that page, it will have stats of like, what the number of links, how long ago someone posted a link, etc. There is a part (4th line down) that says "closing time". I don't usually set one when I make the linky, so it says "none". Then there should be a link just to the right of it that says "close now". Click that link and the widget will be closed. Hope this helps.