Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flash Your Stash! An Ongoing Meme (Part 3)

My name is Tami, and I'm addicted to yarn. Honestly, I don't know how it started. As I've mentioned many times, I started crocheting last December. I didn't know anything about yarn and bought some Red Heart because someone mentioned it was easy to crochet with. Once I got a little better, I moved into a little softer acrylic, Vanna's Choice, Caron Simply Soft, etc. Just recently, I started visiting LYSs (Local Yarn Stores) and can't seem to walk out of one without buying at least one skein/hank/ball of yarn. Also, I've ventured into online shopping, stores like Knitpicks and Smiley's Yarn. Below you will see my stash as of yesterday. These pictures do not include the yarn I'm using for my current WIPs, so yarn for my two blankets, my owl bag, another purse and an amigurumi.

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As I shared from a previous post, below is a picture of the chest my husband bought to store my yarn at a local antique store. I LOOVVEEE this chest.

And here it is with yarn. You won't see any in this picture but I have cedar balls among the yarn to keep bugs out, and just to give the yarn and chest and overall great smell.

Most of the yarn in the chest are my worsted weight acrylic and wool yarn. From top left, going down you will see a mix of Red Heart, Loops and Threads, Berrocco, Hobby Lobby, Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice, etc.

I love how beautiful the yarn looks in the chest. I've tried not to be OCD with it, arranging by color and brand so I just left it how I originally put it into the chest.

Below is my collection of sock yarn. If you follow my blog, you know that I've recently become obsessed with sock, or fine and fingering weight yarn.

This is most of my yarn I have to dye (except for one skein of wool I forgot to add to the picture and my cotton) and the two I've already dyed. I hope to try the microwave method today or tomorrow.

Below is some yarn I got online or in LYSs. The balls, or cakes of yarn are Berocco Vintage.

Below is some yarn I got at Smiley's online or at Tuesday Morning. The little balls are Debbie Bliss. The one white skein at top is for dyeing.

This is some random acrylic I have. The bags of small skeins are for amigurumi, the Christmas colors I got at a thrift store for a total of 75 cents, and the bag of gray yarn is a project I started and haven't finished.

Below is my cotton. The white skeins are for dyeing.

Below is yarn I got for a blanket I'm making for someone as a gift for next year. I'm not going to say who, because they may see this blog. I got the blue skeins at Smiley's for crazy cheap ($1.99 each) and then will buy a skein of the tan each time I have a coupon for Joann's or Michaels.

This is miscellaneous/yarn I forgot to take pictures of with the other groups. The top is Bernat Roving which is CRAZY soft. I want to make a hooded cowl with it. Then there is a skein of wool for dyeing and 3 small skeins of Lion Brand Cupcake.

This is my crocheting thread. I have a project I'm working on that is VERY slow going with it. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to handle it.

I would love to see how your yarn stash has grown! Share updated pics, or join in for the first time! Please make sure to use a direct link to your post, instead of to the main page of your blog. That way, we can find the stash pictures easier.

Thanks for checking out my stash! Let's hope next month it's much smaller. I am trying to not buy any yarn until the beginning of next year unless it is necessary to finish a project.


  1. It looks amazing in that chest! You have quite a nice stash!

  2. On another note, I have no idea how my link got added. I didn't add one! :)

  3. The yarn chest looks lovely, it was a great find!

  4. Joining in! I posted some hand spun, hand dyed yarn! Love the chest!

  5. Yayayayay!

    Suddenexpression- It's the same Mr. Linky from August and September's editions, do you think you added it back then? That's how mine got there!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Suddenexpression- Alea is correct. It's the Mr Linky from the past two since I'm doing it as an ongoing meme. If you didn't post it then, maybe it messed up (Mr Linky is an odd program/widget) one WIPW? Let me know. If it shouldn't be there I can go into the history and delete it.

  7. I didn't realize that was the same Mr Linky from past weeks - I was wondering 'cause some of the posts were a little older. Now I know!

    Thanks Tami for visiting my blog - I'm actually planning on posting a few things about how I recycle & dye yarn :)

  8. Sorry for the confusion Anastacia! I decided to make the FYS one ongoing, so that people can remember what their stash looked like each month. :)

    You're welcome! I try and visit/comment on everyone's blog for all my Mr Linky's. I love seeing all the yarn and projects. Can't wait for that post. Make sure to let me know when you have it up!