Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 10

Wow, we're already to double digits for WIPW! Awesome! Today I'm going to share two new projects, well, one brand new and the other old but I forgot about it. Sorry for the short post, but I'm on my way to LA for the day (to go to an Eels concert!) and had to write this post early Tuesday morning.

Monday I pulled out all of my yarn to start putting it into my new yarn chest. This included a box I had under my desk, containing projects that I'd forgotten about, got frustrated with or was thinking of frogging. That includes this pretty scarf! I started this scarf back in January or February. I bought the yarn (Vanna's Choice in Rose Mist) for the project because I thought it was pretty (it was before I really knew anything about yarn) and also before I knew about Ravelry. It's a basic double crochet and if you notice, it is not super straight, and a little wide. Part of me wants to frog it, but I'm so close to almost being done, and it was my first scarf, that I'm not sure I have the heart to. What do you think? Finish or frog?

I've been wanting to make socks SOOOOO bad, having bought some fine yarn (my next pair will be made in fingering), yet had too many projects in the works to start them. Monday, I gave in. After arranging my yarn in the chest, I couldn't resist the pretty yarn. It was too tempting. I'm using this pattern, and so far, so good. I think I'm going to get really confused once it comes time for the heel and going into the cuff, but I'm just taking it one stitch at a time. I'm totally excited. I decided to make the sock the biggest size possible, because I crochet really tight and everything I make seems to be on the smaller size compared to the pattern. I figured if it's a little big, no big deal, but too small and I have nothing to do with it. The toe is a little odd on it. I think if I were to make this pattern again, I would make the starting chain a little wider, but maybe it will all come together in the end. Isn't the yarn SO PRETTY! It's Premier Yarns Garden Serenity in Sea.

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  1. Tami, I think you should just finish. You'll be pleased with yourself for finishing it, and the scarf will always have a good story attached to it.

  2. When I started spinning I read somewhere that you should always keep your first handspun. I think it applies to all crafts. It's a memento of your efforts, and you'll be able to look back at it and see how far you've come!

    Also, I'm jealous. I love the eels!

  3. Great projects this week! I will not be participating today because I hurt my back *AGAIN* over the weekend so I haven't been able to do much but read. Sitting up to crochet was just too much on my back. Hopefully next week I will have something. =)

  4. I say finish it! The scarf I finished yesterday was like my second ever knitted scarf from last spring, was nice to just get it done!

  5. Only you know whether you will use the scarf if you finish it. There is no point in doing it if you won't use it. If you like the colour and the feel of the yarn, then get it done! When you drape a scarf all wonkiness is hidden anyway.

  6. I'd finish the scarf - I've never met a scarf I didn't wear (but it gets really cold here, that might not apply to you). My first scarf was pink and purple, knitted in stocking stitch so it curled like mad, out of chunky acrylic. I loved it and wore it loads and it was much admired (it wasn't very attractive!) then I gave it to the Salvation Army, and I saw someone wearing it! I love your socks too, and yes good size decision. Nothing wrong with big socks, you could wear them round the house.

  7. Hi, I joined again as I did not see me anymore.
    I linked you into my WIP post as well.

    Love your sock start. Looks like it will be gorgeous!

  8. Wow! I had no idea that you could crochet socks. Which, now that I think of it is pretty stupid. Why couldn't you? Anyway -- it's looking great! I love the yarn you chose. There are some stripey socks out there in my future, just as soon as I can cram them in. :)

  9. As to whether or not to finish the scarf, ask yourself these questions:

    Would I wear it like this?
    Will I wear it but never be happy with how it looks?

    If the answer is no to either, frog it and start over. I never finished my first knitting project-also a scarf-because I hated the color of yarn my Dad bought me to use. 30 years later I frogged it and gave the yarn to someone who liked it. Never regretted that.

    I've posted my wip.

  10. Ok how about this, finish the scarf and give it to someone else!

  11. I just made some socks out of the Serenity yarn. It feels great to wear, and they survive nicely after the husband machine washed and dried it with some jeans. =)

  12. Pretty pink scarf! How about finishing it and giving it to someone who is fighting breast cancer? It's fight-like-a-girl-pink, and you could say a few prayers or hold good thoughts for the recipient (known or unknown) while you finish it up. There are lots of groups working on hats, scarves, shawls, etc. for those who need a little warmth in their lives from being cold during chemo treatments to just having something to hug.

    I like to keep a prayer shawl in the works, so I'll be ready when the need arises for a friend or relative.

  13. Keep going! If you frog it you'll never want to start again!

  14. Have fun in LA. I'm not one to tell somebody whether to frog or keep, you'll have to decide that one. I do love your socks. I've yet to try toe-up. One of these days I suppose I'll give in.

  15. I am really not the person to respond to such a question today, as you will soon find out in my post. That being said, I think I would finish the scarf. Socks really are not that difficult, but then I have never crocheted any so again, who am I to say. LOL. Love the yarn for the socks. Also, on your trunk, are you putting anything in as a liner or perhaps cedar balls? just wondering...

  16. I say finish the scarf - it's sentimental! hehe

    LOVE both the yarns in your projects...especially the sock yarn!

  17. Sorry everyone! Just got home from Los Angeles. Am going to try and answer all of your comments now and check out your posts!

    Liz, good point. I think I will finish. :)

    elephantJuice, Eels are my favorite band. I always said, if he toured again I would get tickets no matter how much $$. Luckily, we were able to see him the practice show (at the Galaxy Theater!) for this tour, and last night was the last. So, show 0 and show 50! LOL If you ever get to go, it's a must. Amazing live. He even sang some from Souljacker and Daisies from the Galaxy. Amazing (and the tickets were only $20 for the first show and $28 each for the second!)

    Trisha, feel better! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your post next week.

    Alea, I think I'll feel better once it's finished. It should only take an afternoon.

    Craftycripple, I put so much work into it at this point (since I had just started crocheting, it took me forever). I guess it only makes sense to finish.

    Susie, sometimes the things you might not think you'll use turn into a favorite. Despite not getting too cold here, I LOVE scarves and wear them any chance I can get. That's amazing you saw someone wearing it!!! How awesome is that!?

    Lauren, thank you! It's actually a new Mr Linky each week for WIPW and FO Friday. The only one that stays ongoing is the Flash Your Stash meme.

    Paula, I didn't know for the longest time either. I'm trying to crochet them tight so that the stitch isn't annoying! LOL, we'll see. I'm having a great time with them though! I LOVE cute socks!

    Beadknitter, great questions to ask myself! I'll have to keep those in mind each time I question a project! Thanks for joining in this week :)

    Alea, I'm going to consider that! It's not the best thing I've crocheted, so not sure if I would give it to someone I know though. LOL

    Joycers, great to know! That's a huge deal for me, the washing part. If I can throw them in the wash in a garment bag and not worry about them, I'll be a happy camper!

    Pentalia, oh my god, what an amazing idea!!! I'll do a little research! Thank you!

    Kezz, I'm going to try to finish today and just get it over with! LOL

    Denise, thanks! The pattern I'm using started toe-up, and since this is my first pair, I don't know any different. I'm glad I did though, I don't know if I would have been able to figure out what size to make them if I had done it the other way around!

    Dina, I actually just put the yarn in as is. I kept the trunk open for about 24 hours to air it out. It didn't have a bad smell...kind of like a closed up beach house (if you know what that smells like). Also, there weren't any rough edges for the yarn to get caught up on. Cedar balls are a great idea though! If you do that, let me know. Is it for smell, or to keep away bugs, etc?

  18. Sweetpotato, thanks! I am loving the way the sock yarn is pooling! So pretty <3

  19. I think you should work on whatever you are in the mood for because it will affect your work! If you are not in the right mind set it may not turn out the way you want! Also, I NEED that yarn (Premier Yarns Garden Serenity in Sea)!!!!!!! It's so pretty!

  20. I have a free prayer shawl pattern on Ravelry (and my blog) called Cheryl's Prayer Shawl. It has some ideas on how to approach the "good thoughts" and the gifting.

  21. Suravi, good point! You can get the Premier Yarns Garden Serenity at Joanns!! It's not very expensive either! There are a few great colors in the line, but this is my favorite. It's super soft too, unlike a lot of sock yarn out there.

    Pentalia, great, thank you! I'll check it out.

  22. Finish it! I never finished my first scarf. The friend who taught me to knit took me to a yarn store and I never even bothered to find out what yarn it was I bought. Alas, I ran out of yarn and never finished my first scarf. I regret that!

  23. ooo, good to know Craftynycgirl! I don't want any regrets. If I do finish it, I'm sure I won't regret it, but if I don't, I may.

  24. I say finish the scarf and block it to shape!

    Love the socks so far, my crochet socks are my faves, they are so smooshy!

  25. Yes, I was thinking cedar to keep bugs out...

  26. Spundun, blocking scares me! I've never done it. This is just cheap acrylic Vanna's Choice. Would that block well?

    Dina, good idea! Do you know a good place to get cedar balls?

  27. Even if you don't finish the first scarf, you might want to keep it -- if only to compare it to what you made as you got more skilled. That always makes me feel better on a bad crafting day :-)

    Also - you asked about my Swervy Scarf -- the yarn is called Puffin Print, from Crystal Palace Yarns. It's actually a narrow strip of polyester fleece. It's very cuddly. I don't know yet how it holds up to the wash, but it would be very tempting for baby items. Thanks again for hosting WIPW.