Friday, October 1, 2010

FO Friday 3

As I promised in this week's WIPW, I would share the hat that I made for my friend and lovely writing critique partner for FO Friday. We decided to do a swap, she would make me a necklace, I would crochet a hat for her! Of course, I was stupid enough to send her the hat before getting good pictures, so I apologize for these terrible iPhone ones. I've asked her to take better pics once she gets the hat, so keep your fingers crossed. If that happens, I'll swap them out.

I love how this hat turned out and plan to make one for myself! You can find the pattern here.

Materials used:

5.50 mm (I) hook
Caron Simply Soft (Hat- black), Debbie Bliss Stella (Flower- Magenta)
Yarn needle

I worked on the hat from September 24-27 (though it's a fast hat to make and could probably be completed in 1 day).

Share your FO projects!


  1. Very cute! Love the flower..
    I did successfully make a baby hat for my friend's baby shower in a couple of days. But when I tried making a hat for me it just did not work out. I tried 4 different times and a couple of different styles and I just could not do it. but I will try it again sometime!

  2. Hi Tami! Gosh, I'm fairly new here, and I forget you have FO Friday! You've gotta make a blog button for it, so I can put it on my sidebar. (Where are my manners? Pretty please, if and when you can!) My sidebar can oftentimes be just as much a personal calendar and bulletin board for ME, than it necessarily may be for decoration/anyone others' benefit! LOVE your hat, and that you could trade with a friend!! That's always fun! LOVE the Caron Simply Soft yarn too! I'm making my sweater with it right now, and it's perfect, I think, with just the right feel and that little bit of sheen to it!.. I REALLY am tempted to make a second one!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. I actually have a FO post this Friday so I've linked up, after the success of managing a WIPW post as well!

  4. I love this hat! I definitely want to make one too!

  5. Trisha, thanks! The tricky thing about hats is to figure out if they will actually fit once you finish the increase. I seem to always have to add a row or two of increase before continuing onto the rest of the pattern.

    Tina, what a great idea! I'll try to make one for WIPW, FO Friday and FYS in the coming weeks. :) I don't love the feel of Caron Simply Soft when crocheting with it, but do love the end result look and feel! I just have to get used to its slipperiness when crocheting. Thanks for posting!

    CraftyCripple, thanks!

    Alea, totally make this hat. It's cute on and fits great, too!

  6. what a cute hat! the flower makes it even cuter!

  7. That hat looks very stylish. Reminds me of the hats back in the 1920's Flapper days.

    I posted my somewhat FO.

  8. Your hat makes me wish I knew how to crochet! Thanks for organizeing FO Friday!

  9. Yay! I finally have an FO to Friday about. Very exciting. And love the hat! It's got a vintage feel to it that's really cute. Nice work!

  10. Sorry for my silence this FO Friday but I was out of town Friday morning- Monday night! I'll be looking at your posts shortly! Thanks for participating!

    atangledyarn, thanks! I wasn't sure about the flower at first, but I think it really adds something.

    Denise, I think it is a modern take on the 1920's flapper. It kind of fits the same way.

    Affiknitty, thanks! It's actually a very easy and quick hat to make.

    Paula, thanks and can't wait to see what you posted!