Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Candy Skein- Yummy Worsted Weight & More!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did. I have pictures to share, and if you're a Doctor Who fan, you should check back this week (not sure when I'll post the pics)...hint hint.

I only have a few skeins of worsted to show you today, one set was a custom dye for Alea for the Candy Skein KAL that starts August 1st. The other is two skeins of the same dye lot of Brain Freeze, which is for sale.

The next few weeks/months will bring big things for Candy Skein. Some of them I can't share yet, but I can share that I have ordered a HUGE order of yarn that will be arriving for dyeing in about a month. I will have two new lines of yarn, one is a surprise, that I will share at a later date, and the other is the Ripening series. You may remember how I dyed a skein of Yummy DK awhile ago. I plan to have a line of yarn of dyed skeins just like that one, in many different colors. The base won't be Yummy DK, but something fun and exciting I can't wait to share with you (but I will say it is DK weight).

I received 10 skeins of Yummy Fingering weight yesterday, so if you are interested in a custom dye, please let me know. I will be dyeing several of these this week, and will share them with you next week!

That's it for now, time to share this week's new skeins:

This was a custom dye for Alea. She requested three skeins of Blueberry Sorbet in Yummy worsted weight. I dyed them a little darker than normal, as she liked the dark blue portions of the normal Blueberry Sorbet dye lot. I really like how they came out!

Next up I have two skeins (from the same dye lot) of Yummy worsted in Brain Freeze.

Colorway: Brain Freeze
Series: Yummy
Fiber content: 100% Merino Wool Superwash
Weight: Worsted/10 ply
Yardage: 220 yards
Unit Weight: 100 grams
Care: Machine Wash/Tumble Dry Low

Price: $14
Quantity Available: 2 (from the same dye lot)
Available at Candy Skein


  1. Oh wow, I really like the darker Blueberry Sorbet. That is lovely!

  2. Really looking forward to your ripening series, that *test* skein is absolutely gorgeous!

    Lovin' the brain freeze, if I had the money I'd snap those two skeins up!

  3. You do a lovely job! Very pretty!

  4. These look great, as usual! Looking forward to hearing about your exciting things! My eyes will be peeled for the Doctor Who!

  5. Love the darker blue version of the blueberry sorbet!

  6. Thanks again! Can't wait to start the KAL!