Friday, July 1, 2011

FO Friday 41

Happy Friday everyone! Also, I want to wish my US readers a happy and SAFE Fourth of July! I hope you have fun plans. As far as I'm concerned, we're just going to play it by ear. My neighborhood has a community party we might head to for an hour or so. Last year we took Milo, my corgi, to it and he had a blast. It was great to get him into a large crowd with music playing and see him not freak out. He's 2 years old now, so I'm guessing he'll do even better.

In other news, I have decided to take part in the Year of Projects on Ravelry, as you can see from the button on my sidebar. That means I will now have posts (most) Sundays. I will try to keep them fresh, despite also having WIPW and FO Friday posts with the same projects. My first post for it will be this Sunday, listing my projects I have planned (though I expect them to change a little), along with pics of some of the yarn I'll be using from my stash. I'm very excited about it, and I must say, my list is INSANE!

In more news, just because I love this picture, I had to share. Yesterday I was getting ready to tag all of the Delicious lace weight yarn I've been dyeing. 7 skeins were ready for tagging, but before I did, I decided to have a little fun with the camera. Check it out.

Total eye candy, right? (Pun NOT intended! LOL) (Almost) all of these are available at Candy Skein, and more to come on Monday!

Anyway, back to FO Friday! As most of you know, I started my first shawlette on June 20th. I just finished on the 29th, and then blocked it. I was kind of silly (actually, to be honest, I started this before I had my needle set) and didn't use a needle size up (I usually have to, due to knitting so tight), so it's a little smaller than it's supposed to be. I ended up adding two rows between the last lace section and the end garter section, so the length down is pretty close to what it should be. The wing span on the other hand, is a bit shorter. I blocked it, but couldn't block it out to the size that was recommended. I also had some yarn left over. In hindsight, I could have added probably two more rows, but was so nervous I would run out of yarn, I just stopped. Despite that, I love it. It's so so pretty and love that the bottom is in the dark blue, but not a ton of it. What do you think?

Materials Used:
Size US 8 needles
Candy Skein DK (Blueberry Ripening)
Pattern: The Age of Brass and Steam
Tapestry needle

Sorry for this crappy iPhone pic with terrible lighting, but I forgot to take a regular pic when it was blocking. I ended up blocking it on a yoga mat with towels under it on my dining room table. Oh look, a sneak peek of one of my projects for Year of Projects on the front of the magazine! That was totally not planned. Anyway, the blocking went well, IMO. I didn't block it too heavily, as it didn't really need much since it wasn't a heavy lace pattern. I will say though, I wish I had gone up a needle size, since I'm such a tight knitter.

This is the shawl on my neighbor's wall. I had to hang the top over a bit to get it to stick and not fall in the dirt, but this is pretty accurate to the color.

This is the shawlette folded. Isn't it pretty!?

And folded again, but this time so you can see the back as well.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture wearing it, as my husband didn't get home until very late. I hope to soon!

Share your FOs!


  1. The shawl looks great, the colour changes are super

  2. Wow, your shawlette turned out gorgeous!! I love the colour changes in each section, well done!

  3. The shawlette is beautiful. I love the colors. Isn't it funny what we will do to pose our projects for a photo. Your newly dyed yarns are beautiful too.

    This week my FO is all of the Alpaca Batts of Wonder I created for Tour de Fleece.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. I love the shawl, it's so pretty :) The yarn really looks fab. Love the eye candy picture too, makes me want to come and buy all the yarn!

  5. Love the colour changes in the shawlette, that came out really nicely.

  6. The shawl is GORGEOUS, the pattern is so pretty and the colors are perfect! Be sure to post a picture of you wearing it.

  7. Nothing from me today but I HAD to come over and see your FO! It's so lovely - well done! xxx

  8. I'm not participating this week as I only have frogs, not FOs.

    The shawl is just gorgeous!

  9. Your yarn is sooo pretty. The shawl turned out brilliantly.

  10. The color changes on the shawl are great. You have such an eye for color. Christina

  11. It is very pretty!!! Love the color!

  12. I love the colors in the shawl. And your eye candy is beautiful!

  13. That shawl is BEAUTIFUL. The colors are perfect!

  14. I'm not sure how you plan to wear it but it looks to be a good size to be wore more as a scarf if it doesn't feel right as a shawl! And I totally geeked out over the sneak peek of your Year in Projects. What is that it looks really really pretty whatever is on the cover of that magazine!!

  15. Just gorgeous!!! I love the shades of blue! Good luck with your newly to come projects - you will be very busy!!

  16. Love the colors of the shawlette! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  17. Alittlebitsheepish, thank you! I love the color changes too. :)

    Paula, thank you so much. I'm weirdly really proud of it. LOL

    WonderWhyGal, Thanks! Seriously! I had to sneak over to her area and pose the shawl. I'm not sure if she was home or not, or that she would have cared, but I didn't want to be the crazy lady photographing her knitting. LOL

    Pinkundine, thank you and please do! It needs a good home. ;)

    Tink, thanks!

    Julie, thank you. I'll be sure to try and remember to do that.

    Danielle, thanks!

    Sarah, aww, thanks for dropping by to see it!

    Sara, sorry to hear about all of your frogging and thank you!

    Stitched Together, thank you!

    Christina, thank you so much! That means a lot.

    Fofo, thanks!

    J.R., thanks! I love the pic so much of the yarn, I made it my desktop wallpaper! LOL

    Mujercita, thank you! I love the colors, too. :)

    Alea, it's definitely scarf, not shawl sized. I can't believe I haven't shown you that project! Weirdly it's not on Ravelry yet. It's a cute top!

    witchyknits4ewe, thank you! Yes, I will be very busy. Thanks for the good luck.

    Dina, thank you! Have a great weekend, too!

  18. Gorgeous! I love the how the different shades of blue worked out in this pattern. I'm so impressed with the beautiful shawlette you made out of your own hand-dyed yarn!

  19. Love the colors in your shawl! Wear it with joy.

  20. That looks so great! The colours worked out fantastically - you're so right about the darker blue border, it's just the perfect amount!

  21. The shawl is absolutely beautiful. Great colors but of course I'd expect nothing less since you always have such great-colored yarn!!

  22. Those lace weights are making me drool... and so is your shawlette!! I turned out beautifully. I absolutely love the colour changes (and I'm a super sucker for blue). Well done you!

  23. I just love, LOVE the photo of your yarn!!! Eye-candy is right!!

    Also, the shawlette turned out so pretty. The progression of shades is just fantastic.

    I'm glad you're also participating in the Year of Projects. I'll enjoy following your progress over the next year. :D

  24. Such beautiful yarny goodness today -- Candy Skein laceweight (lovely, lovely!) and your gorgeous shawl. Wow!

    No FO Friday post for me, I'm still nursing my said sprained thumb, but hope to try a little crocheting this weekend.

    Enjoy the holiday --

  25. I love the colors in the shawl :D

  26. Lovely shawl I think the colours are great!

  27. The yarn is very beautiful and on your picture it looks all delicious. The green one is my favorite. Lovely shawl by the way:)

  28. I love the yarn and the shawlette!