Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Year of Projects: My list

Warning, this post is very long and yes, I'm nuts!

As I mentioned in my FO Friday post, I will be participating in A Year of Projects on Ravelry. Basically, you make a list starting July 1st (or around that time) that compile the projects (from a book, or your queue) you will be working on in the next year. That's right....a year. Let me just say, this was fun to compile, but very very hard. Luckily, the rules are pretty loose and if need be, I can always add/change patterns or yarn to the list. What I found the hardest part was trying to add projects that I can't make now, due to them being too difficult for me, but hope to be able to make in the next 12 months. Then, each week (usually Sundays) one posts on their blog about what they're making and things that have to do with their projects, etc. Instead of using a book, I decided to pick items out of my queue, which was exciting, because obviously, I've loved these patterns enough to queue. I'm sure I'll be adding to the list (and subtracting) as I mentioned, due to having to knit samples, etc out of Candy Skein yarn. :) Not that I'm complaining or anything!

Since a lot of you who read this blog participate in WIPW and FO Friday each week, I will try and keep my posts about A Year of Projects fresh. Of course, I will be blogging about the same projects I show in WIPW and FO Friday, but I'll figure something out! I'm hoping to also add in reviews of the yarn/pattern/needles I'm using during the process. There is quite a few brands of yarn I have yet to use, that I plan to during this time. We'll see how it goes, but I hope you come back to visit each Sunday (or whenever you can) to see my progress.

Now onto my list of projects for the next 12 months (in no particular order):

I know they should all be new projects, but there are quite a few WIPs I have to still finish, so I will list them here as well.

WIPs already started (since you've already seen these, I'm just linking to my project pages on Rav):

Pedestrian Cowl
Pucks and Canucks (Circle Socks)
Caution Socks (test pattern)
Harold the Monster (for a swap)
Ice Cream Blanket (Granny Stripes)

New projects to start in the next year and the yarn I plan to use (for some)- Sorry for some of the not great pics of the yarn. I'm using some old pics I took before my light box that I took for the yarn diet:

Fabel Knitted Skirt- I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it and ordered the yarn. I'll be using Knit Picks Stroll yarn (see pic above) in Thunderhead. I've already swatched for this project, so I'm hoping to start it soon. Cross your fingers I ordered enough yarn (4 skeins). I think this project will take awhile, and we'll see how I do since it's a lot of short rows to make the waves/ripples/pleats.

Eye of Partridge Shawl- I was looking for a fun, easy full shawl that I can knit and not have to pay too much attention, but will show off hand painted yarn well. When I bought the above skein of yarn this past weekend in a LYS in Ventura, CA (at Anapaca Fine Yarns, a FABULOUS LYS by the way), I knew I would probably use it for this pattern. I think it will look great!! Can't wait to jump into this one, but not sure when I will.

Milk Run Shawl- I'm not a big fan of Kate Middleton, but I really like the look of this very basic shawl pattern that matches the one she was seen wearing at the grocery store. I have no clue what yarn I will be using for it, since I don't have that much worsted in one kind of yarn sitting in my stash. This project might have to sit a bit, until I can get the money to make it. I think it would look great in dark jeans and a black or white plain long sleeved Tshirt.

Crochet Hobo Bag- I've already made three of these, but I have a plan to make one that is a tiki version of it. I have everything I need to make it, I just need to get to it. I'll be using black yarn (probably just Red Heart or something just as cheap), and the above fabric, handles and patch. This will probably be made in the next couple of months, as I hope to have it for Tiki Oasis.

Skew- I LOVE these socks, though they seem pretty hard for me right now. These will be knitted at some point this winter I'm sure. I plan to use some of my Knit Picks Felici yarn, but not sure which yet.

Salina- LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater and recently got the book it's in when Borders was closing. I had it in my queue even before I owned the book. It's so simple and so cute. I could see it being a great sweater that I wear everywhere. Since I have yet to make a sweater, and don't have any yarn to make it with, this will probably be way far into the Year of Projects.

Abalone- Again, love this, but don't have the skills yet probably, though it doesn't look too hard. This may be my first sweater attempt, but not for a few months when it starts to get chilly and I have the money for all that yarn.

From Norway with Love- I've had this in my queue since before I knew how to knit. I have yet to do any colorwork, but I think I may start this one sooner rather than later. I'm thinking of using the above color for the main part of the hat, but not sure what to use for the rest. Though, I think this is worsted and the pattern calls for DK.

Foliage- I really like this hat, and think I'll use my sacred skein of Madelinetosh Vintage. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Market Bag- I made this bag for my mom for last Christmas and have always wanted to make one for myself for the farmer's market we go to each Saturday. I have this HUGE ball of cotton I bought on clearance that I didn't want to dig out of the stash at the moment. It's like a creamy orange color.

Tiki Terror- if you've followed this blog, you know that my husband and I are into all things tiki and I've been dying to make this for him. I'll have to learn how to cable before I dive in, but I think it would be fun to use Candy Skein Yummy Worsted Chocolate Bar yarn for it. So, as soon as I learn cabling, I'll be making this. Isn't it great!?

Herbivore- Love love love this. Now to decide which Candy Skein Delicious Fingering (coming soon to Candy Skein) color to use! As I won't be getting the un-dyed yarn until Tuesday in stock, I'll have to decide soon. Any thoughts on color?

Noro spirl one skein hat- Just a fun and bright hat for the winter. I was thinking of using the above ball of Mochi Plus, but do you think I'd have enough? I only have one skein that's 95 yards. Hmmm. OR I could use the above skein for the heart on the From Norway with Love hat. It might look nice with the blue. Hmm.

Maia Shoulderette- Such a beautiful pattern and I have this beautiful yarn (above) that I got on SALE. I might use for it. My only issues are A) I have two skeins of it, so should probably find something I can use both with and B) will the lace pattern get lost in the color changes? Thoughts?

Rockin' Strat Socks for Men- I've been looking for a good men's sock pattern for awhile and this morning got lucky, as one of my sock groups had a thread going about sock patterns that are great for me. BAM! Kurt (my husband) picked out this yarn awhile ago.

Hermione's Everyday Socks- I really like the look of these socks, and the Harry Potter aspect of it is awesome. They're simple, but not boring. I'm going to use one of my Stroll yarns I got in a kit last winter, probably the one I have pictured above.

Springtime Bandit- I thought this was pretty and would look great in my two skeins of Cascade Eco Duo (the softest/squishiest yarn ever). What do you think? Will it look good?

Shawl Collar Cowl
- I think I'll be using my Malabrigo Chunky for this project and some wood buttons, but we'll see how it goes. Don't you think it would look lovely in the above pictured yarn? It should be a pretty quick knit as well, considering it's chunky yarn.

Tie Neck Top- for some reason, this pattern isn't in Ravelry, so I've linked to the magazine on Rav so you can see it on the cover. It's from the August 2011 edition of Knit 'N Style (on the front cover). I ordered the yarn (not in the multi color it's shown pictured in the mag, but in the yarn above) recently and got it through the mail, as I couldn't find all the same dye lot in stores. I still have to swatch for this project, but will probably try to start it soon. I think I'm going to leave the weird tie off of it, but as this will be my first shirt/clothing, I might just follow the pattern as is and see how it goes.

Monster knitting
- I know I already listed a monster from Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters, but I owe both my nieces one, so that will be Christmas knitting I'm sure. We'll see how that goes. They've both requested many (seriously, I have a typed list on my phone), so I'll have to pick one for each to start, as I am a slow knitter.

Secret Christmas knitting- there are a few project I don't have listed here for my family that may (or does) read this blog, so I'm not going into too much detail. Let's just saw add a few projects, one being a VERY long project that will go well beyond Christmas I'm sure.

WOW, I think I did it. That is a LONG list. 21+ projects, not counting WIPs, 26+ if you do. Now, I probably won't make half of them, but it's good to shoot big, right? I figure, we're half way done with 2011, and I've knit 13 projects. I should get faster, right?

So, what do you think of my list!? Have you knitted/crocheted any of these items before?


  1. Great list, looks like you will be busy

  2. Wow, that is a great list. I haven't made anything from it, but I just added the Skew socks to my Rav queue! I'm doing the Year of Projects too, I think it will be fun!

  3. Great list! I've added the Milk Run shawl to my queue now as well; when I saw Kate wearing a shawl to the supermarket I was all "Great, shawls will be cool now, I'll get to making them".

  4. Wow what a great list, I've springtime bandit on mine and I think your yarn choice is fab for it. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the year with this list.

  5. I was so excited to read the list this morning! I think you have a nice range of projects here! And i love how you showed the yarn you plan to use too! YAY!

  6. This sounds great. It also sounds incredibly organised - a little too organised for me, haha! Good luck with your year :)

  7. If you think about it, I've basically been doing this all year already. I have a "Projects" page on my blog where I list all the stuff I have to do, and it was important this year because by March next year I have to have done 5 shawls and a veil for my wedding. The veil and 2 shawls are done, one shawl is almost done, one is started. Phew!

    And then there are the gifts, and all the WIPs I have listed, and some maybe stuff, and then I'll decide I'm tired of doing something practical and make like, a monokini... I guess for me I don't want to pick the set # of projects because I always do spur of the moment in between.

  8. Tami! My queue is long enough already. You're killing me!
    In theory, I use my favourites on Rav for patterns I'd like to make "someday" and my queue for ones I have yarn for and are supposed to be "next". The problem is that things keep jumping from my favourites to the front of the queue!
    I LOVE that skirt and Abalone. I think the Norway hat would make a great colour work project (I thing colourwork is much easier in the round).

  9. WOW Tami you are going to be ONE busy bee!
    Didnt manage to read all of your list as kids are on one atm...will finish reading later after bath time tho and got some more awesome ideas to knit. Managed to read about 1/2 way thru and have to say I realy love the kate middleton shawl...its simple yet elegant. I can imagine it will cost a bomb in wool to knitt tho xx.

  10. Alittlebitsheepish, thanks! You can say that. I think I'm a little ambitious with this list.

    Genki, isn't Skew amazing!?! I'm in serious love with that pattern.

    Tink, I love how basic the Milk Run shawl is and isn't as feminine/delicate as some. It's simple, but looks a little rugged too, despite the ruffles. LOL

    Ruth, awesome! It looks like such a fun pattern. It may be a little too hard for me now, but I can't wait to get started. I LOVE the Cascade Eco Duo. Some of the softest/squishiest yarn I've felt.

    Alea, thanks! You crack me up. LOL

    elephantJuice, see, that's my problem. My day time job was a producer, so I live for organization and lists. LOL

    Calophi, good point. I thought the great thing about this year project, is the rules are loose so you can add and subtract if you'd like. I think this list will help me be more focused. Also, I LOVE ticking items off a list. LOL

    Nikki, HA! Sorry about that! You should have seen the list when I first started. This is the smaller version. Oy I hope to start the skirt soon! We'll see. I've had my sights on the Abalone since Stacey made it for WIPW/FO Friday.

  11. Great list! I have not made any of them, but the milk run shawl has been added to my favorites list. :)

  12. I think it's great that you've chosen and shared the yarn that you plan to use for each of these. I never really know what I'm going to use until the minute I start a project!

  13. Rachael, thanks! Yes, the list is huge, and I'll probably only get to about half, but better to much than not enough, right? I also wanted a wide selection as I can pick what I'm in the mood for. Yeah, I'm sure the Milk Run shawl won't be cheap. I love how you can just wear it with a long sleeved t and jeans.

  14. Kim, thanks! It seems like the milk run shawl is the winner of the list! LOL, don't you just love it?

    CrochetBlogger, I think it's more that I tried to pick patterns to use some of the yarn that I've been hoarding and haven't gotten around to do anything with. Most of the projects I picked because of the yarn. Though, I'd like to work more Candy Skein yarn into the list, but we'll see. Maybe for one of the shawls or sweaters!

  15. That's quite a list! Skew is fun, but tricky. I've made a pair and a half and love them! Abalone is super fast, easy, and fun! It's just a bit of math, but don't let that scare you. If I can do it, ANYONE can. :)

  16. WOW - that's a great list! I will admit I just added the hat to my queue - like I didn't already have enough projects on my own list!!!! You have SO much beautiful yarn - I think I have some yarn envy going on here!

    I'm not sure how to differentiate the WIPW/FOF posts either, so will be watching this space for ideas too :)

    Have a great week

  17. Ness, thanks for the encouragement! I think Skew will definitely be later down the line. As far as the Abalone, math scares me! LOL

    Sarah, thanks! Isn't that hat awesome!? I've loved it forever. LOL I might not post every Sunday, but we'll see how it goes. :)

  18. Wow that's quite a list ... didn't see anything I recognized on the list as doing myself before. I commend you for compiling that list ... I'd still be browsing the web looking at patterns right now, LOL!

  19. Wow you are ambitious! I need to get my list started!

  20. Delusional Knitter, it was HARD and it took me most of Thursday night and all day ALL day (probably about 6+ hours on it). I'm still browsing patterns (especially after seeing the new Knitty) and thinking, 'oh shoot, should I have added that, too?'

    FoFo, ha, ambitious is a good word. I think more insane.

  21. holy moley! that's a list and a half ;) glad to see granny stripes is on there. There are a few of us that are doing it as well. :D

    can't wait to see your progress

  22. Wow, that is an amazing list! I can't wait to see how you do :)

    A thought on the Maia: I LOVE the yarn you want to use. I made an Aestlight Shawl out of one skein, which was all sorts of rainbow colors, and the lace never got lost. I think that yarn would look lovely as a Maia. As for doing something bigger, well... you might check other project pages and see if people have successfully made it bigger. It would be great as a larger shawl!

  23. insandecay, ha! It is a lot. I hope to have the granny stripe done quickly, but it will have to wait until it cools down!

    kinpatsu12, thanks, I'm excited to get started. Thanks for the yarn love and thoughts on the Maia. It's good to know before going into the project.

  24. I've made a couple of these and added a couple to my queue. Enjoy your projects!