Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dyeing for Fun Part 9

It's that time again! This week I'm crazy excited about the results. I know I usually say stuff like that, but I LOOOVVVEEE this skein. Weirdly, when making the colorway, I thought I would just be iffy on it. Let's see what you think. I think it would make a mighty fine pair of socks! Obviously I made a swatch with it (as you will see below) to show how it strips, hence the lower grams/yards than the original hank. I have one more test with this yarn, to wash the swatch. It had a little bleeding with the reddish pink on my fingers while knitting with it, so before I put it up for sale, I want to make sure the colors stay put.

Colorway: Banana Split
Fiber content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% nylon superwash
Weight: Fingering Weight
Yardage: 454 yards (originally 464 yards)
Unit Weight: 90 grams (originally 100 grams)
Care: Machine wash/tumble dry low
Dyed with: Wilton's Icing Dye, food coloring


  1. WonderWhyGal, thank you!!! Who knew these colors would look soo good together! LOL

  2. Banana Split! I love the name and it's so perfect for that color combo. I like the way it stripes too. Beautiful!

  3. I can't decide whether I like the skeined or swatched picture better. Very nice!

  4. Dawn, thanks! I wasn't crazy about the yarn when I put it into a ball to knit the swatch, so I definitely love the swatch more :)