Thursday, March 24, 2011

Helping Japan

There are so many wonderful people in the fiber art community reaching out to help Japan. I thought I would spread the word as best I could, sharing their endeavors. Please check out the great acts that a few of our fellow WIPW and FO Friday community members are doing.

is asking people to donate to Red Cross on behalf of the people of Japan. The great thing is, each donor has a chance to win an amazing stuffed owl (picture above) that she made! How can you beat that? Don't hesitate to give whatever you can and then comment back to her to let her know you donated and would like to be entered to win. The contest ends tomorrow (Friday) at 0900 UK time. For more information, including links to the Red Cross website, please visit her site here.

Countess Ablaze brought to my attention via her blog, that a group on Ravelry is making blankets for Japan. You can help out making the actual blankets, or you can even just donate some yarn. You can find out more about it (with all the links you need to participate) here and an update here.

Claire over at Curiously Crafted Creations has designed an awesome crochet crane pattern (shown above). She will be donating all proceeds to Japan via the Red Cross and hopes to sell 1,000 cranes. Also, for those who can't crochet, she (and others) will be selling their cranes for the same cause. For more information, please visit her blog here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of these lovely ladies.


  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, Tami! For the 1000 Amigurumi Crane Project, there's also going to be a knit version of the pattern available - it might be right now, I have to check - so knitters, come join us! :)

  2. Thank you Tami! I'm sure the group organising the blankets are really grateful to you for helping to spread the word.