Friday, March 11, 2011

FO Friday 25

Happy Friday everyone! The whole complete package, with the new paint colors, will be posted on Monday, as we still have to paint the back wall on Saturday.

I will say, it was a fun project to work on, and was pretty fast but at the end, I was sick of making the little flower circles. I actually made less because I ended up making the bigger circles slightly larger than the original pattern called for and thought it would just be way too busy if I made all of them. Also, I have to admit, my fingers hurt and I was just tired of crocheting. LOL

Materials Used:

K crochet hook
H crochet hook
Red Heart Eco-Ways (Aquarium)
Red Heart Eco-Ways (Peacock)
Red Heart Eco-Ways (Cinnabar)
Pre-made pillow
Tapestry needle

The front

The back

Share your FOs!


  1. Love the idea of FO Fridays! Almost everyone does WIP Wednesdays but it's neat to see what people have actually finished.

  2. Good luck with the crocheting! The other day I had to reteach myself how to to crochet--it'd been too long!

  3. CrochetBlogger, thank you and welcome!

    Narwhal, thank you! My fingers are very sore. LOL

  4. Not to plug a product, but those ergonomic crochet hooks with the thick plastic grips make crocheting a lot easier on my poor hands!

    Love the dotty pillow!

  5. Oh yay, the pictures are up! That's AWESOME, I love the style!

  6. Fab cushion, makes me want to learn how to crochet - now if only I had time! x

  7. Silly me was waiting all day to see your pillow, thinking that google reader would alert me to a new post. I came back to comment on how (not) patiently I was waiting and of course you had added the photos to this post (duh!)

    The pillow looks fab. I like the back almost as much as the front! I can`t wait to see the whole package with the room & the paint.

  8. Your pillow is amazing! I posted earlier but it didn't take. Curse the internet sometimes. I love handmade toss pillows. I was at a weaving meeting the other day and the pillows were all woven. I want to weave and knit pillows for my house and gifts but now I see your lovely crocheted pillows...maybe I'll get my sister who crochets busy.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  9. Kathleen, thank you! I agree with the amount of circles. I think it would have been WAY too busy with all of them.

    Beth, I've heard those are great. I really really like my Susan Bates hooks, so I have little grippy things on them. My issue I think is that I crochet too tight and clinch the yarn too hard. I didn't have much trouble when I made the front and back of the pillow, as that had to be super loose, but the circles. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Unforth, thanks!

    Natalie, crocheting is actually really easy to pick up and this pillow is crazy each to make. You only need to know how to single and double crochet.

    Aimee, thanks!

    Nikki, sorry to confuse you! I wish it would update the feed when someone edits a post, but it doesn't. :( Thanks about the nice comments about the pillow. :)

    Knot by Gran'ma, thanks!

  10. WonderWhyGal, thank you! You should! I was shocked how nice it came out. I can't wait to make another one (though I'll probably wait a few weeks).

  11. Beautiful pillow. Love the flowers. Great job!

  12. Your pillow is fabulous -- colors, design, workmanship, the whole deal!

  13. Hi Tami, thanks for sharing on my blog. I'm so glad that knitting's brought us together, especially in moments like this! Big hugs.