Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 30

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm excited to say I've been on a painting frenzy. I painted our bathroom yesterday and decided to start repainting our living room. The sad thing about the bathroom is I was painting it the same color it already was, a light green, so it wasn't very satisfying. Hence the reason I plan to go out this morning and buy NEW colors for the living room/family room area. We've lived in the house for 5 years come April 20th, so it's time to spruce it up a bit.

On a side note, I wanted to welcome all of my new followers to the blog! I've now hit 60! Thank you! I look forward to seeing everyone's projects through WIPW and FO Friday, as well as "talking" with you in comments.

I've been working hard since Friday on the blanket I started a few weeks ago (WIPW 26). I've decided to stop complaining about the annoying yarn and work through it. So far, so good. Since it's Wednesday, I was trying to get to the point of having all three colors, even if the 3rd was just started, but of course I screwed up. In my hurry and putting it down and picking it back up throughout the day, I crocheted going the other way, meaning one side was double as thick. Oy. The really bad thing is this yarn is pretty impossible to frog, so it actually ripped. The GOOD thing, the yarn is so fuzzy, it will be easy to hide a join when I have to put the yarn back together. So, unfortunately, I only share two colors. The third is a light cream color. Hopefully I'll have it ready, with even more finished in WIPW 31 next week.

The bad thing about devoting my time to a blanket, is I probably won't have a FO Friday to share, though I will make sure to schedule a post for all of you to share your finished objects/projects. :)

For those that are new to WIPW, to share your WIPW post with us, just fill out the Mr. Linky below. Despite it saying you must comment, don't feel as if you do. That is something Mr. Linky automatically adds. I just ask you to check out a few of the links posted to see what everyone else is working on and comment there if you can. Everyone loves feedback and a little encouragement on their projects! Also, please link back to this post in your post to get the word out! The more the merrier!


  1. I'm surprised you didn't post photos of the painting work in progress LOL.

  2. Yay painting!

    And I've had exactly the same experience with annoying fuzzy yarns - they are very resistant to frogging, but the trade off is that they are very forgiving of mistakes and will hide most minor ones, and conceal loose ends, too. Love your colors so far!

  3. Congratulations on having 60 followers, that's great!

    Your blanket is looking good even if the yarn is annoying. I'd also love to see the newly painted bathroom, I love green!

  4. It's good to know a variety of ways of fixing mistakes. Good luck with the rest of the project.

  5. wow that is super fuzzy wool!! really cute tho - i can't wait to see your blanket when it's finished. have a great week xxx

  6. That blanket looks like it will be so cozy...

  7. Fuzzy yarns are a mixed blessing aren't they? Am sure it will turn out lovely.

  8. Used to enjoy painting, but it bothers the arthritis too much now, particularly painting above my head. We recently did the bedroom, though I'm still in need of putting something on the walls, it does at least look fresh and clean.

    Popped over from The Hive. Love the colors you've chosen in the above ripple. What kind of yarn are you using?

    Just finished a ghan I've worked on off and on, mostly off for 2 years. Felt good to be done with that one.

    Haven't done many meme's. Some blogs do only that and have no content; but I like what I'm seeing with this one. So, hopping on board.


  9. Confused #3 isn't a blog, the link on the linky goes to a utube? So many of those are filled with viruses, I rarely watch unless I know ahead of time what it is, or what's it for etc.

    Had fun visiting all 12 otherwise on the meme linky; but can' find the link/code one normally uses to add the linky to their blog. Am I missing it? That's how all the meme's I've been in previously worked. Each person adds the linky to their page, but as I visited no one had it on their page, so perhaps I'm not missing it? Or am I once again techy challenged? lol

    Anxious to see how this meme's works, as others people weren't very good at participating or visiting etc; plus many weren't on topics that were of interest to me.

    Glad I found yours.

  10. CraftyCripple, you know, I should have! LOL I saved that for the HUGE living room painting project I guess. ;)

    Unforth, exactly. The bad thing is, I can't tell where I'm crocheting, the good thing is, if I crochet in the wrong spot you can't tell. LOL

    Northern Monkey, thank you! Once we get the mirror back up and the picture hung, etc maybe I will take a pic!

    Liz, thank you!

    Vicki, actually it's acrylic! I wanted something that would be washable. Have a great week as well!

    WonderWhyGal, so incredibly cozy. One of my cats won't stop kneading it as I work.

    Dina, total mixed blessing! Thank you!

    Sandy, welcome to the blog and WIPW! Thank you on the nice comments regarding the blog and the blanket. It's actually Red Heart Light and Lofty. I got the blue on super discount online because it was being discontinued (the color, not the yarn) so I decided to make a blanket from it! You aren't missing anything with the meme. You can just put a link back to this post on my blog to link back to the Mr Linky. That's how most people handle it. You can also take the WIPW button at top of my post or at my sidebar and link that in your post or sidebar. Whichever you choose. Regarding the #3, I haven't looked at the links yet, as it's early in the morning on the west coast. I'll weed out any odd or unusual links as I work my way through. Make sure to come back throughout or at the end of the day or tomorrow as people add more links! We usually have about 30+ people participate each week. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  11. It's been too long since I've shared a WIP but I'm back! By the way, how on Earth do you have patience for that kind of yarn? I've tried crocheting a few things with yarn like that and just can't do it. Knitting was ok but something about crochet just doesn't mix well with the fuzzy stuff for me. I'm sure your blanket will be extremely fluffy and delish though.

  12. Hi Tami,
    everyone wants to hug him, he's gorgeous. he watches me while I cook :D. I will let you know how the scissors go and I sort of followed a pattern but mostly made it up - really need to try making a longer one!!! xx

  13. Stacey, I'm having trouble getting your blog to load. Is your server down?

  14. mutantsupermodel, welcome back! You know, I really don't have the patience for it. I was so frustrated at first, until I realized that I can mess up and you can't really tell. Now it's full speed ahead.

    Vicki, he is gorgeous! Thanks about the scissors. I just can't seem to find a decent pair that don't take up a ton of space.

  15. The blanket looks great so far. I feel your pain! I once made a chenille blanket and the yarn was horrible to work with and I had problems with it breaking apart too.

    (P.S. I'm on the linky list twice, because I accidentally linked to the wrong blog post. I couldn't figure out why everyone was commenting on a different post from my WIP Wednesday

  16. Stacey, I got it to work! :)

    wrchili, no problem! I'll delete the first one then. :) Oo, chenille, yeah I can imagine that was a pain in the butt, too. Did you finish the blanket?

  17. Am I understanding this right? You're crocheting with this stuff? Wow. I admire your determination.

  18. BeadKnitter, yep, crochet. Am I insane?

  19. Tami, I did finish the blanket but it turned out horrible! It was one of my first knitting projects and once I finally got it off the needle it was really long and really narrow, so it didn't make for much of a blanket. The worst part is that I think the yarn probably cost me at least $100 by the time I was done!

    Thanks for fixing my link!

  20. Congrats on hitting the 60 followers mark. It's much deserved! Good luck with fixing the blanket. The yarn looks fuzzy and warm.

  21. That yarn looks so cozy and pretty. Should be worth the effort with yarn hating.

    I would be really impressed if you had an FO of that blanket by Friday. LOL!

  22. I've worked with yarn like that before - it may look beautiful but it's a pain to work with! The good thing about it was that some mistakes weren't visible because it was so fuzzy :)

    Good luck with your painting! A change to a room always feels so good!

  23. I have promised to paint my daughters' bedrooms this summer. Once I get a project like that started, it doesn't seem that bad, but the anticipation ahead of time is another story. Good for you getting one room done and some fresh ideas for the others!

  24. Your blanket yarn does look like it could be very frustrating to work with. But, I love the colours and it looks like the end result will be very cuddly. Looking forward to seeing colour #3. I'll be here cheering you on : )

  25. wrchili, who that's a lot of money! What a bummer. Were you able to frog and re-purpose the yarn or was it too crappy?

    autumngeisha, thank you! :)

    Denise, LOL, no way that will happen! I didn't get to crochet at all today! Ack!

    SweetPotato, isn't it amazing what a simple can of paint can do? It makes a place feel so new.

    Marushka, it is the anticipation! I was dreading the bathroom and it only took me 3 1/2 hours. LOL It spurred me on to do the other rooms.

    nursenikkiknits, thank you! I'll need the cheering, that's for sure!

  26. Ooh! I LOVE painting. I think that might be weird, but I don't care. It's so fun to have everything all fresh and new. Post pics! :) Your blanket will totally be worth the trouble -- that stuff is super soft!

  27. Paula, I don't think it's weird! It's so rewarding and really livens up a place (when it's not the same color). Have you used RH Light and Lofty? It is crazy soft!