Friday, March 18, 2011

FO Friday 26

Happy Friday everyone! I'm super excited because my in-laws are coming to town and I haven't seen them in quite some time. We're hoping the weatherman is wrong, as they are predicting rain almost the whole time they're supposed to be here, which is a huge bummer since they love coming to San Diego and eating outside since to them that's rare coming from the snowy Midwest. Keep your fingers cross for us.

Today I don't have anything new to show you, but I do have a few things to share. You may remember I made two dogs for my mother-in-law for Christmas, a corgi and a wiener dog to represent the two she lost this past year. She loved them dearly and I thought it would be awesome to have something to remember them by. I never sent them to her, as I found out they would be visiting us and thought these were presents that were better given in person than by mail. I recently put the final touches on them, with collars, name tags and a little sweater for Otto, as he always wore one when it was cold. They never bought an official sweater for him, but always just cut sweatshirt sleeves. I tried to go with that ragged look with mine to match. Each tag has the name of the dog it represents, and on back each say Love, Kurt and Tami. It's hard to get a pic of Otto's tag, as he is so short. LOL I hope she loves them as much as I do.

Also I promised a picture of the pillow in "action". Weirdly, the pictures I took earlier in the week with daylight were way too dark, so this is last night with the lights on. All of the walls of the room are the light color, and the dark color you see to the right is our long accent wall in the room. I figured this corner got it all kind of in one pic.


  1. I love those little dogs!! Especially the one with the big ears :-D although I do have a fondness for sausage dogs!!

  2. I love the colour scheme. Your new pillow cover fits right in. Also, that bass is gorgeous. I wish we had the room to have ours out on display like that!

  3. I love the little dogs! Your pillow is gorgeous and the photo is beautiful.

  4. Your darker wall is the same colour as our accent wall! Be prepared for tears when you give your little doggies. They are so cute.

    By the way I'm having a giveaway to help raise money for Japan. I'd be really grateful if you have a look and see if you want to help:

  5. Great job on the Pups! Crafty Cripple is right - you're totally going to make her cry. But in a good way! The pillow (and the room) look fantastic as well. Nice work! Hope you all have a great weekend together, and that the weather cooperates. Lucky for you, those guys are almost always wrong. :)

  6. The doggies are so cute and such a thoughtful gift. I'm guessing CC might be right about the tears. I got choked up just hearing the story... sheesh!

    Your pillow is the perfect accent to your room. I'm a huge fraidy cat about decorating with colour. You've definitely inspired me!

  7. Love the pillow, have always been a big fan of polka dots. It really adds life to the room in my opinion. Keep up the good work.
    Happy Friday

  8. The pillow looks fabulous! Your wall (blue) looks a lot like the color I am doing our bedroom in.

  9. The doggies are adorable. I am sure they will love such a thoughtful gift! (and the room looks great)

  10. Halfpint, thank you!

    littleredcraftingcorner, thanks. I love the big eared one (the corgi), as I have one, but love them both. :)

    Tink, thanks! We used to have the bass upstairs in the studio, but decided that it's so pretty why not put it in the corner to display it. It actually fit the color scheme. LOL

    WonderWhyGal, thank you!

    CraftyCripple, that's awesome! The colors are actually brighter than this photo, as this was taken with the lights so washed them out. They are a little closer to the pillow colors (especially the light one) in person. We thought they were a bit bright before, but now love it. It's funny, my mother in law has no clue that she's receiving these as a gift, but said that just seeing our real corgi will probably make her cry, so yes, I think we'll see tears.

    Stacey, thanks.

    Paula, thanks. I hope you have a great weekend as well. :)

    nursenikkiknits, you should totally go for color! Every room of our house is actually a different color. It's so bright and cheerful. White walls make me shudder and think of hospitals.

    Sandy, thank you! I agree, it totally adds life to the room.

    Dina, thanks! It's an awesome color, though a bit bright. It's a bit brighter (and more teal) than this picture shows. It took a few days to get used to it and not squint when we look at it. LOL We love it now.

    Cris, thank you!

  11. Such cute doggies! And the pillow looks perfect there.

    Much to my dismay, I posted today, about fibery stuff, but it's not an FO, so I didn't link up here. But, Tami, you said you wanted to see pix from my dyeing ... :)

  12. The dogs turned out so cute. I'm suer your mother in law will love them! The pillow also matches the room great!

  13. The dogs are perfect! I'm sure your MIL will love them, and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And your room with the pillow looks beautiful.

  14. Lily, totally post the link. Dyeing counts as an FO! :) I'll check it out.

    wrchili, thank you!

    Shannon, thanks :)

  15. The dogs are so stinkin' cute Tami!!! And your living room is great. That's one of my fave color combos

  16. those little dogs are too cute! and the name tags and sweater? very cool, and thoughtful. i like the picture of the corner and the pillow too:) it looks very chill:)

  17. Your room is beautiful -- the colors are terrific together and of course the pillow is a perfect finishing touch.

    your little dogs are adorable. Your mother-in-law will love them.

  18. mutantsupermodel, thank you! We weren't sure how all the colors would go together, but I think it looks great!

    atangledyarn, thank you! :)

    Marushka, thanks. :)

  19. I hope you have some tissues nearby when you give your in-laws those dogs! Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

  20. Ah, I get to see more plastic eyes in action, thank you! I like the sweater too. It really adds personality.

  21. Unforth, thank you!

    Sweet Potato, yep, she loved them! I gave them to her on Saturday afternoon. :)

    Kathleen, thank you for both nice comments. :)

    SunshineCraft, yes! The plastic eyes are great, aren't they?