Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yarn Diet '11- The Second Month & First Yarn Purchase

Holy smokes, it's March. I can't believe it. I didn't even really update for February because it flew by so quickly! Anyway, I thought I would give you an update on my yarn diet and also show pictures of the lovely yarn that I spent way too much money on this week. That being said, it was my first yarn purchase of the year (and of the diet) so I'm sitting pretty. :) I probably would have lasted a little longer, but couldn't resist the new Knit Picks Felici and Chroma yarn.

Here are my stats:

Skeins used in the month of February: 2
Total skein count left: 239 (not counting the new yarn)
Total FOs completed in February: 1 (ouch, not good)
Total yarn purchases in February: 1 (though it didn't arrive until March, but will count it in February since the money came out of my account then).
Total purchase remaining: 4

Now, on to the FUN part, the YARN!!!!!!!!!! As I mentioned, I splurged. Oops. I do have project ideas for a lot of it, so that helps, right?

This is what I ordered:

Items Shipped
Qty Item # Item Description
2 25221 Felici Moonlit
2 25219 Felici Botany
1 25228 Felici Sport Boutique
2 25220 Felici Caprica
2 25032 Diving Board Multi Stroll Multi
1 25251 Galapagos Chroma Worsted
5 24422 Marlin Comfy Worsted
2 23794 Natural Bare Merino Wool Lace
2 24927 Neapolitan Felici Sport
1 25260 Prism Chroma Worsted
1 25257 Regency Chroma Worsted
1 25229 Felici Sport Sunny Day

And the pics!

How are YOU doing on your yarn diet? Did you purchase new yarn? If so, share a link to your blog post telling us about it!


  1. Oooooh pretty! There is nothing like a big package in the mail (even if you have to pay to get it : ) I can't wait to hear how you like the Chroma. I'm dying to try it.

  2. A fab parcel! I splurged too - I'm beginning to think that I'm not very good at this Yarn Diet malarky!

  3. Oooooooooooh pretty rainbow yarn!

  4. Beautiful! Looks like a good splurge. :)

  5. nursenikkiknits, good idea about reviewing the Chroma. I actually couldn't wait and started a Noro Striped scarf with the Chroma yesterday. If I get further on it this weekend, I'll write a post reviewing the Chroma for next week. :)

    Halfpint, isn't it?! So colorful.

    Countess Ablaze, for me, so far so good, except I added so much yarn, I have no place for it. Maybe the diet should have also included how many skeins we could buy. LOL

    Kezz, I'm not usually huge on rainbow yarn, but it's Chroma Prism which I thought would be perfect for a monster!

    Unforth, thanks! Very good splurge!

  6. Wowzers! That is a serious haul. I love the neapolitan Felici! Awesome. It makes me a little sad that your recent purchase is more than half the # of skeins that I own. This must be remedied! :)

  7. Paula, YES, you must remedy that! How do you live with so little yarn in the stash? ;) I know...I got way too much, but I couldn't resist all the pretty colors. I was stupid though and forgot to buy needles that I need (seriously, I need to just buy the set), so I may have to make another order soon (but no more yarn!).

  8. 239 skeins!!!??? Plus what you just bought? Oh my gosh that sounds like so much. I have no idea how many I have though so maybe I should keep my trap shut. I am not technically doing a yarn diet but I'm making a very conscious effort to pillage stash for projects as much as possible and am avoiding purchasing yarn. So far, I'm doing ok. Every project I've begun and completed this year has been from stash yarn. The only exception I see coming up is my Mom's blanket which will require its own purchase since Mom is allergic to multi-colored bright sorts of things and prefers plain vanilla types.

  9. Wow! All that yarn looks so scrumptious :) I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  10. mutantsupermodel, LOL, yes, a lot of yarn, isn't it!? I'm knitting/crocheting as fast as I can. ;) You know, I didn't think I had that much either, until I counted. Shocking. That's awesome that you're being so good with not buying yarn! It always feels so good to use from the stash, doesn't it?

    SillyLittleLady, thanks! I have plans for most of it. :) I'm stocking up on sock yarn for the summer, since I'll be knitting socks by that time, and won't want to make scarfs/hats/sweaters in the heat we get here in Southern California.