Friday, June 24, 2011

FO Friday 40

Happy Friday! This is going to be short and sweet, as my computer's battery is dying and I'm not around a plug. Unfortunately, I don't have a FO this week, as I've been too busy dyeing yarn! I can't can't can't (yes, three can'ts) wait to share the new Delicious series yarn in lace weight. It's freakin' amazing. The colors took beautifully to it, and it almost has a silver sheen.

I wanted to share two amazing Candy Skein reviews done by the fabulous Kathryn (you all know her as CrochetBlogger). She has started two new series on her blog. One for yarn she's using, and also yarn store reviews. Both reviews are very thorough of her whole experience with the yarn and the shop itself. Thank you again, Kathryn!

Yarn I'm Using: Candy Skein's Raspberry Sorbet
Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein Yarn

I hope everyone has a great weekend! It's our 4 year wedding anniversary, so we'll be going out to dinner or somewhere fun I'm sure!


  1. I can't wait to see the yarn!!! :D

    And a big happy anniversary to you! ♥

    Gonna hop on over to check out the reviews!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Ok, I'm not sharing an FO this week but...weaving needed to be represented ;-)

  3. Congrats on the reviews and have a great anniversary dinner!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your computer, hope you're able to get it fixed easily and reasonably, and or are you buying a new one...which is always fun! Good luck on all fronts.

  5. Can't can't can't wait to see the yarn ;-)

  6. wypad, thank you! Have a great weekend!

    WonderWhyGal, thanks. Weaving should always be represented. LOL

    WitchyKnits4ewe, thanks!

    Sandy, oh, my computer isn't broken. It just was running out of battery (I have a laptop) and I wasn't around a plug to plug it in!

    Sara, thanks! Can't wait to share it!

    Vanessa, thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing the links. Looking forward to more yarn!

  8. Hi there. Happy Anniversary. I'm a beginner blogger so you have inspired me to do Finished Object Friday. Unfortunately i don't finish things that quickly but i'll post later today. Thanks!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I count dyed yarn as a FO - SHOW US SOME PICTURES!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Those reviews were so awesome! YAY!

  11. Can't wait to see the finished skeins!! :)